Eyeshot first 1/1 NFT + Fine Art Collection “HUMANS”

“Humans” is the first 1/1 NFT + Fine Art collection launched by Eyeshot. The theme of the collection is to unveil the moments, the instants, the small glimpses that capture humans in their daily lives, showing them perfectly immersed in their context and becoming one with their surroundings.

Dimitris NFT Eyeshot
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Collection “HUMANS”

The collection features some of the world’s leading street photographers, each with their own unique take on reality. Each photograph has never been sold before and never will be except within this collection, becoming a piece of art in its own right.

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Our Vision

The Value of “UNIQUENESS”

Eyeshot believes in treating photographs as works of art in their own right and strives every day to ensure that photographers receive proper recognition for their work. With this collection, we want to celebrate authors and their pieces of art by combining the uniqueness offered by the blockchain with the uniqueness of the print.
The collection will be for sale on Foundation, but if you’re not familiar with NFTs and the Blockchain don’t worry, we’ll help you through the entire purchasing process, from payment to shipping. You can contact us via the online chat you can find at the bottom right of this page or at publisher@eyeshotstreetphotography.com.

A “PHYGITAL” Collection

Eyeshot believes in a future where virtual and physical art intersect inextricably and wants to be part of it. This collection combines virtual and physical art in perfect harmony. Indeed, the NFT will be accompanied by a Hahnemühle Fine Pigment Art Print of dimensions 70×50 cm signed by the author that will be directly sent by Eyeshot to the first owner of the digital token.

Andrea Torrei NFT Eyeshot

Enhancement of the Artists

Since Eyeshot was founded, the main mission has been to respect authors, their creativity and their copyright, guaranteeing them the highest royalties in the industry. With our first NFT 1/1 project, we want to keep our promise and be as transparent as possible to our audience. The proceeds from each sale will besplit 50/50 with the photographer.

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Respect for the Environment

Eyeshot is an environmentally friendly publisher that places nature conservation among its core values. The estimated CO2 emissions for a single NFT transaction on the Ethereum blockchain are 27.7 kg. To offset these emissions, for every NFT sold from the collection Eyeshot will plant a tree on the Treedom® platform, thus achieving a negative balance of CO2 emissions.

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Our Commitment

What We Guarantee

  • High-level artistic selection;
  • A certificate of authenticity and uniqueness for each piece of the collection;
  • A constant support for our customers throughout the entire purchasing process;
  • The safety of purchasing from a trustworthy and internationally recognized organization.