Eyeshot Magazine #2


Ever notice how quick the flash is on a camera? That’s how fast other types of flashes are, including the super-fast superhero The Flash.
Whether you’re talking about a flash of lighting or a flash of insight, a flash is quick and bright and sudden.

There aren’t any slow, long flashes. Because flashes are so fast, the word is often used for anything that happens really quickly: a flash is as fast as a New York minute, the blink of an eye, a heartbeat, an instant, a jiffy, or a split second.

2 Flashgun Eyeshot

Print Limited edition

300 Copies in limited edition
Editor and Curator Marco Savarese
Cover photo Michelle Groskopf
Paper dimension 21×27
Paper Fedrigoni X-PER Premium Quality
152 Number of pages
103 Street Photographers

2 Flasjgun Back Eyeshot

Made in Italy

Fedrigoni Papers | X-Per

Eyeshot uses only papers from Fedrigoni, an Italian paper mill founded in 1888 in Verona. All Fedrigoni’s papers are FSC® certified, made from pure ECF pulp. Every product is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

X-Per Premium White 14og/m2 is a sharp and uncoated paper with a special treatment to enhance the feeling and allow for particularly sharp and brilliant printing. Its opacity and print contrast makes it an extraordinary choice for publishing Eyeshot’s exclusive magazines.


EFC: ELEMENTARY CHLORINE FREE | It’s an environmentally friendly type of paper that has been bleached with products free of elemental chlorine. By replacing it with chlorine dioxide, polluting emissions are reduced by 90%.

FSC® MIX | The Forest Stewardship Council is one of the internationally recognised forestry certification systems, which guarantees the proper management of forests and the traceability of the resulting products.

HEAVY METAL ABSENCE | Paper and packaging are produced in a way that allows them to be reused and recycled. The absence of harmful metals and other substances and materials that are hazardous to human health is guaranteed.

LONG LIFE: ISO 9706 | This certification ensures that paper production recycles more CO2 than it emits, thus reducing the release of CO2 into the atmosphere that causes global warming. In compliance with ISO 9706 standards, the paper we use is acid-free which gives it resistance to light, wear and tear, and durability over time. It can be stored for up to 200 years.

14 Jason Ward Untitled Los Angeles 2017 Eyeshot
© Jason Ward
5 Lorenzo Catena Eye Contact London 2018 Eyeshot
© Lorenzo Catena

Selection n.1

Adam Miller, Alessandro Prato, Alexander Bronfer, Alison McCauley, Andreas Ott, Barry Talis, Ben Helton, Biard Sylvain, Bojan ‘Chibsterr’ Nikolic, Bryce Waters VML, Caleb Stein, Chakrapun Senachan, Chris Tuarissa, Chu Viet Ha, Conor Beary, Dan Szpara, Dani Oshi, Daniele Dainelli, Daniele Martire, David Horton, Davide Albani, Dimitris Makrygiannakis, Dougie Wallace, Enrico Markus.

© Ben Helton

Selection n.2

Eric Frot, Eric Kogan, Erick Dau, Fadi BouKaram, Federico Arcangeli, Gabi Ben-Avraham, Gareth Bragdon, Gav Robinson, Gavin Bragdon, Giacomo Mancini, Giacomo Vesprini, Giedo van der Zwan, Guille Ibañez, Gustavo Minas, Ilan Burla, Jad Jadsada, Jason Ward, Jesse Marlow, Jimmy Dovholt, Jodi Rogers, Joe Aguirre, Johan Jehlbo, Johan Windle, John Wha, Jonathan Higbee, Jón Bjarni Hjartarson.

Jad Jadsada 22Untitled22 Bangkok 2015 Eyeshot
© Jad Jadsada
2 Gareth Bragdon Green Edinburg 2017 Eyeshot
© Gareth Bragdon

Selection n.3

Julie Hrudova, Kanrapee Chokpaiboon, Kevin Samuels, Koci hernandez, Larry Cohen, Larry Hallegua, Leo Berne, Lorenzo Catena, Lukas Vasilikos, Marco Patassini, Maria Kappatou, Massimiliano Faralli, Matteo Zannoni, Md Enamul Enamul Kabir, Michael May, Michele Bartalini, Michele Liberti, Michelle Groskopf, Mike McCawley, Mohammad Imam Hasan, Nayeem Siddiquee, Nick Hannes, Nikita Teryoshin, Patrick Wendt, Paulus Ponizak.

© Nick Hannes

Selection n.4

Peter Kool, Riccardo Cattaneo, Ronen Berka, Ryosuke Takamura, Sakib Pratyay, Sakulchai Sikitikul, Salvatore Giorgio Scalici, Salvatore Matarazzo, Sam Ferris, Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi, Skyid J. Wang, Sohail Bin Mohammad, Spyros Papaspyropoulos, Stavros Stamatiou, Supornchai Ratanamethanon, Sven KräUter, Tammy Mercure, Taras Bychko, Tatsuo Suzuki, Tavepong Pratoomwong, Tawanwad Wanavit, Thanasorn Janekankit, Tim Topple, Todd Gross, Tom Young , Umberto Verdoliva, Yiasaris Yiannis, Zin Ye Htet.

4 Spyros Papaspyropoulos Doggie Hula Hoop London Hackney Wick 2017 Eyeshot
© Spyros Papaspyropoulos
7 Tavepong Pratoomwong Kolner Dom Cologne 2015 Eyeshot
© Tavepong Pratoomwong