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Eyeshot Magazine #4

Street Fashion

“Street Fashion” is the fourth issue of Eyeshot Magazine, published in December 2019. For this edition, the curator and Editor-in-Chief Marco Savarese asked five guest photographers to build a complex story on tendencies, excesses, cultural and social differences on the urban catwalks from all around the world.

The guest photographers explored a fashion far from haute couture, but that is not unrelated to the Fashion System mechanisms. Eyeshot “Street Fashion” looks like a Fashion Week with no red carpets nor celebrities.

The last two sections of the issue celebrate the winners of both the London Street Photography Festival and Aussie Street Photography Festival.

© Suzan Pektaş
© Graciela Magnoni
© Gustavo Pereira Gomes
© Tavepong Pratoomwong
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Limited Edition

Eyeshot “Street Fashion” is published as a one limited-edition print run of 500 copies, limited in both quantity and quality. Since Eyeshot was founded, we made it our mission: hand-numbered and autographed publications represent the essence of our brand.

Eyeshot “Street Fashion” is printed on Fedrigoni X-PER paper and measures 21×27 cm when closed. In total, it has 188 pages featuring 130 Street Photographers.

Front cover by Graciela Magnoni. Opening text by Veronica Gabbuti.

21 Elena Alexandra Eyeshot
© Elena Alexandra

Eyeshot is an independent and environmentally friendly publisher.

We print on Fedrigoni paper from FSC certified sources, and we support local printing presses. We have a strict plastic-free policy, and we apply acid-free paper stickers only.

Behind Eyeshot is an editorial board of highly qualified staff. We sequence, edit, design, distribute and advertise our publications by bearing all the production costs ourselves.

All Eyeshot publications are made in Italy, but our contributors are from around the globe.

We are headquartered in Italy, with a community sharing the same passion from over 120 countries on 5 continents.





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Guest Photographer no.1

Suzan Pektaş

Suzan Pektaş is the first guest photographer invited to give her insight regarding Street Photography and fashion. She declares that style and expression construct a fairly crafted social identity.

Her selection of photographers:
Alexander Bronfer, Bobby Beasley, Damian Milczarek, Efi Longinou, Gareth Bragdon, Gisele Duprez, Ilan Burla, Ione Saizar, Isabel Corthier, John Wha, Jonė Reed, Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Julia Coddington, Larry Cohen, Orietta Gelardin Spinola, Peter Kool, Pierre Belhassen, Polly Rusyn, Sergey Neamoscou, Taras Bychko.

© Joseph-Philippe Bevillard
18 Julia Coddington Eyeshot
© Julia Coddington
20 Damian Milczarek Eyeshot
© Damian Milczarek
Guest Photographer no.2

Graciela Magnoni

As the second guest photographer, Graciela Magnoni looks at fashion in Street Photography with an almost opposed view to her colleague. There is no such thing as style, for that it exists only in the viewer’s eyes.

Her selection of photographers:
Alison McCauley, Ana Carolina Fernandes, Andrea Torrei, Charalampos Kydonakis, Danielle Houghton, Elena Alexandra, Jérôme Lorieau, Margarita Mavromichalis, Maude Bardet, Melanie Einzig, Melissa O’Shaughnessy, Michele Liberti, Michelle Rick, Nicolas Portnoï, Pau Buscató, Philippe Blayo, Silvia S. Hagge, Sofía Sebastián, Vanessa Pallotta, Ximena Echague.

© Danielle Houghton
18 Melissa OShaughnessy Eyeshot
© Melissa O'Shaughnessy
14 Andrea Torrei Eyeshot
© Andrea Torrei
Guest Photographer no.3

Gustavo Minas

Gustavo Minas approaches the theme with a different insight. Mystery, drama and open narratives are his guides, and they lead him to very specific outputs.

His selection of photographers:
Alfredo Oliva, Bruno Cunha, Bruno Leite, Craig Whitehead, Fabio “Fagu” Costa, Fernando Zerbinati, Gustavo Rosas, Hudson Rodrigues, Iraklis Kougemitros, Kaio Bastos, Lorenzo Catena, Lucas Kappaz, Léo Berne, Maria Kappatou, Nico Ferrara, Nika Fadeeva, Rammy Narula, Sylvain Biard, Tulio Cerquize, Yoshitaka Kashima.

© Alfredo Oliva
07 Lorenzo Catena Eyeshot
© Lorenzo Catena
15 Tulio Cerquize Eyeshot
© Tulio Cerquize
Guest Photographer no.4

Tavepong Pratoomwong

The fifth guest photographer, Tavepong Pratoomwong, associates fashion with customs. He chooses to represent cultures blending into one another.

His selection of photographers:
Artyt Sun Lerdrakmongkol, Athanasios Antonakopoulos, Barry Talis, Bex Day, Bojan ‘Chibsterr’ Nikolic, Herry Hermawan, Issaret Chalermsopone, Jamie Fyson Howard, Julie Hrudova, Justin Sainsbury, Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet, Kanrapee Chokpaiboon, Larry Hallegua, Matt Stuart, Noppadol Maitreechit, Piotr Kaczmarek, Sakulchai Sikitikul, Siegfried Hansen, Tara Chand Gawariya, Vineet Vohra.

© Matt Stuart
04 Vineet Vohra Eyeshot
© Vineet Vohra
17 Justin Sainsbury Eyeshot
© Justin Sainsbury
Guest Photographer no.5

David Gibson

Last but not least, David Gibson takes a stand on the eccentricity that surrounds us in the urban environment at all times.

His selection of photographers:
Ali Kate Cherkis, Dan Szpara, David Solomons, Dougie Wallace, Gregory Girard, Jasmin Gendron, Jonathan Higbee, Lee Atwell, Maciej Dakowicz, Mark Alor Powell, Michael Goldrei, Niall McDiarmid, Nils Jorgensen, Paddy Summerfield, Pauliana Valente Pimentel, Ronen Berka, Sam Ferris, So.aSa, Todd Gross, Willy Spiller.

© Dan Szpara
04 Nils Jorgensen Eyeshot
© Nils Jorgensen
15 Willy Spiller Eyeshot
© Willy Spiller

Eyeshot is the first independent publisher working exclusively with street photographers from all around the world.

Our intention is to curate their work and publish it in collectible and limited edition books and magazine.
Created by street photographers, for street photographers.

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