Eyeshot Magazine #9


“Street Fight!” is the ninth issue of Eyeshot Magazine, pre-orderable from Friday 17 June, in exclusive collaboration with Observe Collective.

The publication showcases the best that Street Fight!, a Flickr-based street photography competition and critique group launched by Observe in 2013, has collected in its 8-year history.

The curation and sequencing were a collaborative effort by Tom Young and Chris Farling from Observe and Marco Savarese, founder and curator of Eyeshot. By sharing side-by-side this body of work, the goal is to create something enduring, greater than the sum of its parts.

9 Street Fight Eyeshot

Paper Limited Edition

The first drop of #9 Street Fight! – Paper Edition will consist of 250 copies, always in limited edition and with 3 limited edition postcards (for Silver and Platinum subscribers only).

Eyeshot no.9 “Street Fight!” is printed on Fedrigoni X-Per paper and measures 21×27 cm when closed. In total, it has 160 pages featuring 86 Street Photographers.

Front cover by Tang Tawanwad Wanavit, back cover by Ilan Ben Yehuda. Introduction by Chris Farling and Tom Young.

9 Street Fight Eyeshot Nft

NFT + Paper Limited Edition

As a leader in the innovation of street and documentary photography, Eyeshot launches its second phygital magazine on Opensea. The collection consists of 50 special limited editions of #9 Street Fight! with a dedicated cover and 3 limited edition postcards reserved for those who purchase one of the 50 matching NFTs.

© Muhammad Imam Hasan


OBSERVE is an international photography collective focused primarily on the practice of candid street photography.
Spanning four continents, its members are united by a common fascination with watching and documenting the diverse humanity that surrounds them. While acknowledging that photography is at its core an individual pursuit, Observe members find benefit in mutual curation and support, discussion, and other collaborative interactions.

© Sakib Pratyay

Flickr-based 8-year history

Street Fight! is a Flickr-based street photography competition and critique group launched by Observe in 2013 that has resulted in a collection of some of the best street photography in the world. The ninth Eyeshot magazine features the best that Street Fight! has gathered over its 8-year history.

IlanBenYehuda 5
© Ilan Ben Yehuda
Tavepong Eyeshot
© Tavepong Pratoomwong

In the words of Tom Young - Observe Collective

«We believe that this group, through the quality of its membership and its unique approach to collective curation, is a showcase of some of the very best street photography in the world. As we worked through our image selection process, every re-opening of our curation files brought a new rush of excitement at the richness of the material we had to work with […] On behalf of Observe Collective, thank you so much for sharing your work with us and the Street Fight! community. We are all richer for what we give to each other».

© Wikorn Rojarayanont

In the words of Chris Farling - Observe Collective

«I believe that having matchups represented on physical two-page spreads is really the best and purest expression of what Street Fight! is trying to achieve. The reader is free to draw one’s own conclusions and to interrogate and admire them, both separately and together. […] We hope that the matchups herein can instead serve to enlarge the two frames even further, to create new and interesting vibrations for the viewer to resonate with».

Edas Wong Eyeshot
© Edas Wong
Aaron Berger Eyeshot
© Aaron Berger

Made in Italy

Fedrigoni Papers | X-Per

Eyeshot uses only papers from Fedrigoni, an Italian paper mill founded in 1888 in Verona. All Fedrigoni’s papers are FSC® certified, made from pure ECF pulp. Every product is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

X-Per Premium White 14og/m2 is a sharp and uncoated paper with a special treatment to enhance the feeling and allow for particularly sharp and brilliant printing. Its opacity and print contrast makes it an extraordinary choice for publishing Eyeshot’s exclusive magazines.


EFC: ELEMENTARY CHLORINE FREE | It’s an environmentally friendly type of paper that has been bleached with products free of elemental chlorine. By replacing it with chlorine dioxide, polluting emissions are reduced by 90%.

FSC® MIX | The Forest Stewardship Council is one of the internationally recognised forestry certification systems, which guarantees the proper management of forests and the traceability of the resulting products.

HEAVY METAL ABSENCE | Paper and packaging are produced in a way that allows them to be reused and recycled. The absence of harmful metals and other substances and materials that are hazardous to human health is guaranteed.

LONG LIFE: ISO 9706 | This certification ensures that paper production recycles more CO2 than it emits, thus reducing the release of CO2 into the atmosphere that causes global warming. In compliance with ISO 9706 standards, the paper we use is acid-free which gives it resistance to light, wear and tear, and durability over time. It can be stored for up to 200 years.

© Gustavo Minas