From November 17th to November 23rd 2022, street and documentary photography come to life in the halls of Galleria del Cembalo, in Rome’s historic center.

The exhibition will feature the artworks of the finalists for the Eyeshot Open Call 2022 selected by curator Marco Savarese and by an extraordinary jury composed of Magnum photographers such as Trent Parke and Emin Özmen, leading representatives of street and documentary photography scene – Vineet Vohra, Siegfried Hansen, Koci Hernandez, Mark Abramson and Isadora Kosofsky – and winners of the World Press Photo Award – Narelle Autio and Kitra Cahana.

17-23 NOVEMBER, 2022

An International Community of Artists

In this edition, the winning photographs of the Eyeshot 2022 contest were selected from over 6000 photographs and created by artists from more than 100 diverse countries. With its 70 finalists, the exhibition is among one of the most important events of street and documentary photography, offering an international overview of the best global trends.

The jury selected these remarkable photographers for their visual storytelling, creativity, and style in conveying their observations of contemporary reality.

You will have the opportunity to meet with international guests, our community of talented artists and, for those interested, it will be possible to also purchase the photographs signed by the artists.

The Flying Cat Eyeshot
Winning Position Budapest 2022 C Michael Goldrei Eyeshot
47f0b2a9 Eyeshot
05l Eyeshot

Images from all over the world capturing the dynamic nature of street and documentary photography.

Time & Date

OPENING 17th November 18:00 / 21:00 

18th November 15:30 / 19:00

19th November 15:30 / 21:00

Sunday 20th November Closed

21st November 15:30 / 21:00

22nd November 15:30 / 21:00

23rd November 15:30 / 21:00


Galleria del Cembalo, at Palazzo Borghese

Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, 19 Rome (IT).

Together, we have made the difference.

Join us for the Eyeshot Open Call Exhibition to see the unique and creative art works of our international contestants. Lets inspire each other and make street and documentary photography more vibrant than ever. 

Eyeshot Team

Editor-in-chief | Marco Savarese

Communications Manager | Lucrezia Bonarota

Guest Writer And Event Manager | Veronica Gabbuti

Editorial Designer | Louise De Cours

Digital Media Specialist | Nicola Bianchi

Logistics Coordinator | Rosa Romano


Galleria del Cembalo http://www.galleriadelcembalo.it/ita/


Fotosciamanna https://www.fotosciamanna.com


Fiammeri cornici https://www.fiammeri.com

Shah Toufiqur Rahman 12 Eyeshot

Winners Category

We are thrilled to announce the talented photographers who have been selected as the winners, jurors’ picks and finalists of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022. The artworks were chosen from over 6000 photographs submitted from more than 100 different countries.

10 Open Call Eyeshot


“Open Call 2022 Edition” is the tenth issue of Eyeshot Magazine, pre-orderable from Wednesday 30th Novemberlimited copies will be available. The publication showcases the thoughtful and creative photographs of the 70 talented photographers who have been selected as the winners, jurors’ picks and finalists of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022.

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