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The Eyeshot Open Call 2022 Event – A Global Success

The Eyeshot Open Call 2022, being the first event organized by Eyeshot, attracted an impressive number of over 6,000 photographs from more than 100 countries. This remarkable feat showcased the immense talent and creativity of Street and Documentary photographers from all around the world. The event brought together a diverse array of artists who submitted extraordinary images, each telling engaging and touching stories through their art.

This inaugural event has not only offered a platform for artists to showcase their work, but has also fostered a sense of community among photographers, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of ideas. The global reach and impact of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022 have set a high standard for future events, paving the way for continued success and growth in promoting the art of street and documentary photography.

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Winners and Finalists

The Winners and Finalists of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022

From the thousands of submitted works, the expert jury selected 70 photographers as winners, jurors’ picks, and finalists of the competition. These artists stood out for their ability to tell visual stories, their creativity, and their unique style in expressing contemporary reality through street and documentary photography.

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Galleria del Cembalo

The Extraordinary Exhibition at Galleria del Cembalo

The Galleria del Cembalo, located within the prestigious Palazzo Borghese in Rome, hosted the extraordinary exhibition of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022 finalists. This exclusive location, renowned for excellence in photographic exhibitions and contemporary art, has highlighted and enhanced the talent of the selected photographers.

The elegant Galleria del Cembalo provided a unique stage for the Eyeshot exhibition, attracting art enthusiasts and professionals, and emphasizing the importance and relevance of the contest in the international artistic landscape. The exhibition, set within the gallery’s historical tradition of collaborations with world-famous artists, contributed to making the event even more memorable and exciting for visitors.

The Galleria del Cembalo represented the ideal setting for the exceptional Eyeshot Open Call 2022 exhibition, showcasing the quality of the presented works and conferring an atmosphere of prestige and significance to the event in the world of art and photography.

The Jury

The Internationally Renowned Jury

The Eyeshot Open Call 2022 relied on an extraordinary jury composed of Marco Savarese, founder and editor-in-chief of Eyeshot, Magnum photographers such as Trent Parke and Emin Özmen, leading representatives of the street and documentary photography scene – Vineet Vohra, Siegfried Hansen, Koci Hernandez, Mark Abramson, and Isadora Kosofsky – and winners of the World Press Photo Award – Narelle Autio and Kitra Cahana. With their experience, expertise, and unique perspectives on contemporary reality, they selected the most extraordinary and significant works that demonstrate visual storytelling, creativity, and style.

Eyeshot Magazine Open Call

Eyeshot Open Call Edition

Showcasing Excellence with Premium Fedrigoni Paper and Museum-grade Printing

The tenth issue of Eyeshot Magazine celebrates the exceptional talent of the 70 photographers selected as winners, jurors’ picks, and finalists of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022. With 110 finalist photographs, the magazine offers an international showcase for the finest Street and Documentary photography.

To ensure the highest quality, Eyeshot’s magazine has been produced using premium Fedrigoni paper, providing a luxurious tactile experience for readers. Furthermore, the magazine employs cutting-edge printing technology and museum-grade inks to deliver exceptional image reproduction, highlighting the artists’ work in the best possible light.

This commitment to excellence in both materials and production reflects Eyeshot’s dedication to supporting and promoting talented photographers. The limited edition of 500 copies offers a timeless tribute to the creativity and skill of these artists, ensuring their work is displayed and preserved in a manner befitting their achievements.

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The Impact on the world of photography

The Impact of Eyeshot Open Call 2022 on Photography

The Eyeshot Open Call 2022 has had a significant impact on the world of photography, promoting the talent of artists from different parts of the world and offering them an international platform for visibility. The event has helped to highlight the importance of street and documentary photography as art forms and as means of expressing contemporary reality. Moreover, it has stimulated dialogue and exchange of ideas among photographers from different cultures, enriching the artistic landscape with new perspectives and creative approaches. Through the Eyeshot magazine and the exhibition of selected works, the Eyeshot Open Call 2022 has celebrated the diversity of human experiences and the uniqueness of the stories told by photographers from all over the world.

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Honorable Mentions and Special Recognitions

In addition to the winners and finalists, the jury of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022 has awarded honorable mentions and special recognitions to photographers who have distinguished themselves for their ability to tell unique and engaging stories through photography. These recognitions emphasize the organization’s commitment to promoting and supporting emerging talent in the field of Street and Documentary photography.

EYESHOT Open Call 22

The Importance of International Participation

The participation of photographers from over 100 different countries in the Eyeshot Open Call 2022 demonstrates the importance of the competition in the international photography landscape and its ability to unite artists from different cultures and backgrounds. The event has provided a unique opportunity for comparison and exchange of ideas, enriching the panorama of Street and Documentary photography with new perspectives and creative approaches.

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The Future

The Future of Eyeshot Open Call

The success of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022 encourages us at Eyeshot to continue promoting and supporting talent in the field of Street and Documentary photography. With the contribution of internationally renowned jurors, collaboration with prestigious art galleries, and the publication of a dedicated magazine, we at Eyeshot Open Call will continue to provide a platform for visibility for artists and celebrate photography as an art form and means of expressing contemporary reality.


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