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Welcome to the Eyeshot Open Call 2023

Main Theme

The Human Being

The Eyeshot Open Call 2023 photography competition invites photographers from around the world to submit their deepest and most stimulating interpretations on the theme of “The Human Being”. The aim of the competition is to celebrate and explore the many facets of the human experience through the powerful medium of photography. This competition focuses on street and documentary photography; hence, both categories are welcomed and encouraged.

The theme of “The Human Being” invites exploration and investigation of the human condition in all its expressions: joy, sadness, struggle, victory, pain, hope, love, loss, and everything in between, including moments of daily life and urban reality captured through the lens of street photography.


Eyeshot 2023 Countdown!

Lisa Bukreyeva Eyeshot 10
© Lisa Bukreyeva, finalist Open Call 2022


International Exposure and Prizes

By participating in the Eyeshot competition, you will become part of a unique international experience, with the opportunity to exhibit your work to an international audience and to interact with a community of photographers from around the world.

1,750 euros in cash prizes

Editorial contracts worth over 45,000 euros

International exhibition in Naples, Italy

Publication in the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 photo book

Opportunity to sell photographs to an international audience

Monia Marchionni Eyeshot
© Monia Marchionni, finalist Open Call 2022

eyeshot mission

Diversity and Impact

Eyeshot is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our photography competition. We recognize that photographers come from a wide range of economic and geographic backgrounds, and we have designed our entry structure to reflect this reality.

Participation Fee

The entry fee has been organized by dividing the countries of origin into three economic bands based on per-capita income.
This division aims to make the competition accessible to a wide range of photographers, taking into account the different economic realities of participants. The bands are as follows:

Tier 1: Low-income or developing countries

Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Haiti, Nicaragua, Bolivia, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and others.

Tier 2: Middle-to-high income countries

 Brazil, Russia, China, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Vietnam, Ukraine, and others.

Tier 3: High-income countries

United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and others.


In line with our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, all students globally are invited to participate in our competition for free. Students will need to provide valid proof of their student status at the time of registration. This can include a student ID, a registration letter, or another official document. Find out more.


Participate for free in the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 competition!

Eyeshot gives students the opportunity to participate for free in the 2023 Open Call. If you are a student and want to express your talent in our competition, request free participation. Fill out the form and provide documentation to verify your student status. Grab this unique opportunity!

Lisa Bukreyeva Eyeshot 15

Exemption for Economic Reasons

We understand that there may be circumstances where an individual is prevented from participating in the competition due to severe financial hardship. In such cases, we offer the opportunity to apply for a waiver of the entry fee. Find out more.


Free participation for those in financial difficulties

Eyeshot is committed to making the 2023 Open Call accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. If you find yourself in severe financial difficulties, we want to support you by offering the chance to participate for free in our competition. Fill out the form and provide the requested information for the evaluation of your situation. Don’t let a financial obstacle limit your creativity!

Jill Freedman Eyeshot 1 900x1200


Versatility and Depth

The Eyeshot 2023 competition includes two categories of participation: Single and Series. Each participant can submit works for both categories, adhering to the specific rules and characteristics of each one.

The goal of Eyeshot Open Call 2023 is to stimulate creativity and innovation, encouraging photographers to produce original and exclusive works, pushing the boundaries of photographic art ever further.

Max Sturgeon Eyeshot 1 900x1200
© Max Sturgeon, Winner Open Call 2021


Single photographs are individual images that depict the human experience in unique ways. These images can be completely different from each other, they do not need to follow a specific theme or style of photography, and they can belong to different categories. Each single image submitted is evaluated for its strength alone, allowing photographers to experiment with different styles, techniques, and subjects.

Andrea Torrei Eyeshot 15
© Andrea Torrei, Winner Open Call 2021


Photographic series are sets of images connected by a common theme, story, or subject. These series must show consistency in terms of style, subject, theme, or narration. Submitting a photographic series allows photographers to showcase their abilities to tell stories through images, to build complex visual narratives, and to explore subjects or themes with depth and detail. Each series submitted is evaluated as a whole, considering both the strength of each individual image and the consistency and impact of the series as a whole.
In each Series submission, you should include a collection of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 photographs.

Eyeshot Open Call 2023

Awards and Recognition

Eyeshot Open Call 2023 offers incredible awards, aimed at recognizing and rewarding the creativity, commitment, and passion of participants.

Eyeshot Open Call 2023 represents a unique platform for photographers of every level and background. Whether you are seasoned professionals or emerging enthusiasts, this competition offers the opportunity to engage with peers from around the world, to explore new horizons, and to receive recognition for your artistic work.

Eyeshot Guille 210 Eyeshot 1200x800
© Guille Ibanez, Winner Open Call 2022

Single Category

In this category, participants can submit one (or more) single photograph that reflects the theme of the competition. The photo must be an original work of the participant and must comply with all competition guidelines.

In this category, 3 winners and 40 finalists will be selected. The top three winners will receive:

1° prize – 1000€ in cash

2° prize – 500€ in cash

3° prize – 250€ in cash

Elena Alexandra Eyeshot
© Elena Alexandra, Finalist Open Call 2022

Series Category

In this category, participants can submit a series of photographs that together represent a unique theme or story that reflects the theme of the competition. The series should have thematic and visual consistency.

In this category, 3 winners and 15 finalists will be selected. The top three winners will receive:

Total investment of over 15,000 € per winner

Publication contract for the top three winners

Monograph of their own work entirely curated by Eyeshot

Printing of the work in a limited edition

Editing service of the work

Work distribution

Work promotion

L1100001 Eyeshot 1200x801
© Jonathan Jasberg, Winner Open Call 2022

Recognition for Winners and Finalists

All winners and finalists of the two categories will receive the following recognitions:

Being included in the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 photo book.

Participate in the Eyeshot photographic exhibition, which this year will be held in Naples at the “Magazzini Fotografici” for a period of three months.

Opportunity to sell photographs to an international audience.

Receive a digital certificate of participation and success in the competition.

Be interviewed and published on Eyeshot channels, reaching an audience of over 300,000 people, including industry experts, renowned photographers, and art gallery directors.

Stavros Stamatiou Eyeshot 1 900x1200
© Stavros Stamatiou, Winner Open Call 2021

Eyeshot Open Call 2023


Photography offers us a portal to the infinite facet of the human experience. Through photography, we are able to document, interpret, and celebrate often untold stories.

The central theme, “Being Human”, serves as a common thread, a call to explore and portray humanity in its contradictions and splendor. The aim is to bring out the pulsating heart of the human experience through the proposed categories. Each photo submitted must fall into one of the following categories, each of which offers a particular magnifying lens on the human experience:


Street Photography

These photographs capture daily life in public spaces. This can include people interacting with each other or their environment, scenes of everyday life, candid portraits, etc. Humanity should be evident in each photo. The photographer becomes a witness to the human being in their urban habitat, capturing fleeting moments that reflect the variety and complexity of human experience.


Documentary Photography

These photographs should document specific subjects or events, with a focus on truth and accuracy. This may include, but is not limited to, social, political, cultural, religious, or environmental issues. The images should provide a deep understanding of the subject or event, highlighting the people involved and their experiences – revealing the richness of human life in its broader context.


Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are images that portray individuals or groups in their natural environment, such as their home, workplace, or a public place etc. These images should give a sense of the individual or group’s character and their relationship with their environment. In each portrait, the human being is closely intertwined with the context in which they find themselves, and this interaction tells a unique and personal story.



Reportage is a series of images that tell a story or document an event. The series of images should be connected by a theme or a common narrative, with a strong focus on the people involved. Reportage allows for a thorough visual narration of the human experience, emphasizing the interaction between individuals, events, and their context.


Event Photography

Event photos capture significant moments during public or private events. Events can be of any kind, including but not limited to, protests, festivals, ceremonies, sports events, etc. The images should portray the people involved in the event and reflect the atmosphere and importance of the event. In each photo in this category, humanity is at the center of attention, capturing the emotion, energy, and meaning of the moment.

International experience


The photographs will be evaluated by an exceptional jury composed of experts from different parts of the world who will bring with them their experience, deep understanding of the industry and an unparalleled critical eye. Their artistic vision and their dedication to promoting new and emerging talents guarantee an exciting and stimulating competition.

In addition, each judge will select an “honorable mention” among the finalists, recognizing an additional layer of talent and offering one more opportunity for the participants to be recognized for their exceptional work.


Trent Parke

Trent Parke is one of the most innovative photographers of his generation. Raised in Newcastle, Australia, Parke is known for his poetic and humorous style that offers an emotional and psychological portrait of his country, through themes such as identity, place, and family life. He began his career as a photojournalist and in 2007 became the first Australian full member of Magnum Photos. His work is widely recognized and is part of the collections of numerous prestigious institutions, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Magnum London. Trent Parke’s unique vision, his unmistakable style, and his pioneering approach to photographic art continue to influence and inspire generations of photographers.

F Dilek Yurdakul

F. Dilek Yurdakul

F. Dilek Yurdakul is a lawyer, photographer, and university professor from Ankara, Turkey. A graduate and specialist in Labor and Social Security Law at Gazi University, Dilek has been able to balance her legal career with her passion for photography, specializing in street and documentary photography. Internationally recognized for her work, Dilek has won over 200 awards and has participated in numerous exhibitions. Currently, she contributes as a photographer for National Geographic YS and National Geographic Turkey, bringing her stories and vision to a global audience.

Mark Abramson Eyeshot

Mark Abramson

Based between Los Angeles and New York, his journey as a child from the former Soviet Union through Europe to the United States with his family is often a source of inspiration for his photographic tales. He’s a contributor for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper’s Magazine, The New Yorker, The New Republic, TIME, Wired, and many others. Abramson has distinguished himself for his ability to portray with empathy and depth the complex aspects of our society.

Isadora Kosofsky Eyeshot

Isadora Kosofsky

Isadora Kosofsky is a documentary photographer and filmmaker known for her approach to visual storytelling. As a photographer for National Geographic and a contributor to high-profile publications like The New York Times, TIME, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and others, Isadora has shone a unique light on stories often hidden. In 2018, she received funding from the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting and in 2019, she was recognized by The Royal Photo Society as one of the hundred “heroines” of photography worldwide.


Laylah Amatullah Barrayn

Laylah Amatullah Barrayn is an award-winning documentary and portrait photographer who has been working in the industry for 20 years. She frequently collaborates with The New York Times. Her work has also been published on Vogue, National Geographic, The Washington Post, VOX, NPR, BBC, The Nation, Le Monde, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications. Barrayn has been included among the hundred heroines of the Royal Photographic Society (UK). In 2017, she was appointed the “African Great Lakes Reporting Fellow” at the International Women’s Media Foundation.

Kitra Cahana Eyeshot

Kitra Cahana

Kitra Cahana is a fascinating figure in the international artistic landscape, covering roles as a freelance documentary photographer, videomaker, photo and video artist, as well as a TED speaker. Her ability to capture compelling and powerful stories has allowed her to become a collaborating photographer for the National Geographic Magazine, cementing her reputation as an authoritative voice in the field. Among her recognitions and awards are the International Center of Photography’s 2013 Infinity Award, 2010 World Press Photo, a scholarship at FABRICA in Italy, and the prestigious Thomas Morgan internship at The New York Times.

Koci Hernandez Eyeshot Jury

Richard Koci Hernandez

Richard Koci Hernandez is an internationally renowned innovator and award-winner in the field of journalism and multimedia, with a career spanning over 25 years in the media and journalism industry. He is an Associate Professor and holds the Bloomberg Chair at UC Berkeley. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Wired, The New Yorker, and National Geographic, among others. He has also received several Emmy awards and nominations for his work as a documentarian and multimedia journalist. He is currently also the co-founder of the Emmy-winning studio, Koda Studios.

Portait Narelle Autio 2011

Narelle Autio

Narelle Autio is an internationally renowned Australian photographer. After earning a degree in visual arts at the University of South Australia, she worked for the Adelaide Adviser and the Sydney Morning Herald, and served as the principal photographer for News Limited’s London office. To this day, her photographs continue to be published in Australian and American magazines.

Enim Ozmen Eyeshot Jury

Emin Özmen

Emin Özmen is an award-winning international photojournalist specializing in documenting human rights violations both in his homeland, Turkey, and worldwide. With his powerful lens, he seeks to illuminate the suffering of those who are victims of civil unrest and social injustices. His exceptional work has been published by prestigious international press outlets, including TIME magazine, New York Times, Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Le Monde magazine M, Paris Match, and Newsweek.

Marco Savarese Eyeshot 1

Marco Savarese

Marco Savarese, founder and editor-in-chief of Eyeshot, has turned his passion into a successful career. With extensive experience in the marketing industry, Savarese has proven to be a leading innovator in the field of publishing and street and documentary photography. His critical eye and creativity, combined with great attention to detail, have distinguished him as an influential figure in his field. Marco Savarese continues to lead Eyeshot with constant innovation, making it a reference platform for professionals in street and documentary photography.

Trent Parke
Trent Parke, Magnum Photographer, Eyeshot Jury 2023

professional review

Invest in Your Growth

With a supplement of 80€, you will have the opportunity to enrich your experience with a professional review of your work. This review, in written or audio form, will provide you with a thorough analysis that will highlight your strengths and areas for improvement through constructive criticism and valuable feedback.

You will be able to select one or more judges (Trent Parke, Marco Savarese, Emin Özmen, Kitra Cahana, Narelle Autio, Koci Hernandez, Isadora Kosofsky, Mark Abramson, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, F. Dilek Yurdakul) to obtain opinions and technical evaluations from different perspectives on how to improve your technique and artistic vision.


International Visibility

Creativity knows no boundaries, and the next edition of Eyeshot Open Call 2023 is the perfect testament to this. All finalist’s works will be included in the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 photobook. This volume will celebrate the works of the finalists, winners, and the judge’s choices by exploring the essence of human experience in all its facets, offering an incredible journey through the creativity of photographers from around the world.

In our Eyeshot Open Call 2023 competition, participants also have the opportunity to sell their photographs to an international audience. This represents a significant prize offered by the competition, completely optional, which involves an agreement with the photographer through an additional exclusive contract subject to the author’s acceptance.

Eyeshot Magazine Bundle


Magazzini Fotografici

One of the amazing prizes and recognitions of the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 photography competition is the unique opportunity to exhibit their work for a period of 3 months in a place of great charm and importance in the photographic cultural landscape, Magazzini Fotografici of Naples (IT).

Located in the historic center of Naples, a UNESCO heritage site, its urban and alternative setting makes it the perfect place to celebrate the diversity of human experience through the art of street and documentary photography.

The winners and finalists of the competition will have the honor of seeing their works exhibited in the incredible location of the Magazzini Fotografici, making tangible the emotion of their stories, their reflections on the human being, their visions of the world.

Magazzini Fotografici 2 2
Magazzini Fotografici 2 1300x650 1 1200x600
Magazzini Fotografici Eyeshot 1200x801
Magazzini Fotografici Napoli 2016 1 1 Eyeshot 1200x798


An Innovative Location

Magazzini Fotografici was born from an idea by Yvonne De Rosa with the specific intention of creating a non-profit space that aimed to spread photography with the aim of creating a dialogue that is an opportunity for exchange and cultural enrichment.

In this incredible context, the Open Call 2023 event will allow unique and personal stories to resonate in a place where art merges with human experience, enriching the visual dialogue on the human condition. During the three months, debates, workshops, and much more will be organized, with the participation of international guests in the field of street and documentary photography.

Competition Rules

Technical Requirements and Ethics

Project Description

To make the experience of our Eyeshot Photo Contest Open Call 2023 richer and more meaningful, we invite you to share a little more about yourself and your photography. This will help us to present your work to the jury in a more complete and unique way.

Here are some details you might want to consider including:

Title: Each photo or project might have a title. It could be something simple or evocative, but ideally it should capture the essence of your work.

Details: You might want to share not just where and when the photo was taken or the project was done, but also a bit of the surrounding context making your work even more powerful and comprehensible to the jury and the readers.

Your participation in the contest is the most important thing, and we can’t wait to see your talent on display!

Truth and Accuracy

All photographs must accurately represent the scene as it was seen by the photographer. Retouching or alterations that substantially modify the original scene are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the addition or removal of subjects or significant elements, color alteration, or the use of effects that distort reality.

Respect for Subjects

Photographers must treat all people portrayed in their images with respect. This includes obtaining consent, when possible, avoiding exploiting vulnerable individuals or communities, and respecting the privacy and dignity of subjects.

Authentic Representation

We expect images to be accompanied by titles and descriptions that help understand the context of the image. We seek to promote authenticity and encourage photographers to share the real stories behind their images. However, we remember that interpretation is subjective and we respect the creative freedom of each artist in presenting their work.


Photographers must be transparent about their process. This includes the disclosure of any significant retouching or modification, the use of models or staging of scenes, and any relationship or conflict of interest that could influence their presentation of the scene.

Technical Requirements

For the application phase, the photos must have a minimum size of 2500 pixels on the longest side, a resolution of 72 dpi, an sRGB color profile, and should not exceed 5MB per individual photo. Images with watermarks are not accepted. If your photo is selected for the final phase and will therefore be printed for the photographic exhibition, you will be asked to provide an image with a resolution of 300 dpi and with an Adobe RGB color profile.
Photos entered in the Single and Series categories must meet the following additional requirements:

1. They must not have been previously awarded in other photographic competitions.
2. Participants may send photos for both categories.
3. Images with a minimum level of manipulation are accepted; cropping that removes extraneous details and the removal of sensor dust or scratches on negative scans are allowed.

Offensive Material

Images containing offensive material, such as gratuitous violence, pornography, hate speech, or promotion of illegal activities, are not allowed.

Context Awareness

Photographers must seek to understand the context of the scene they are documenting. They should make every effort to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes, cultural inaccuracies, or misleading representations.

Respect for the Environment

Photographers should seek to minimize their impact on the environment when creating their images. This includes avoiding damaging the natural environment or disturbing wildlife.

More Details


The competition is open to legal residents worldwide and is not valid if prohibited by local laws. The competition is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Not valid where prohibited.


For the “single” category, the 1st place winner will receive 1,000 euros, the 2nd place winner will receive 500 euros, and the 3rd place winner will receive 250 euros. The three winning images will be printed as signed postcards in a limited edition to accompany the publication. 50 finalists will be selected and their works will be included in the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 photobook. The 50 photographs will also be exhibited in the final exhibition of the Eyeshot photography competition.
For the “Series” category, the 3 winners will receive a publication contract that includes editing, printing, distribution, and promotion of a limited edition monograph of their work, entirely curated by Eyeshot. In addition, the 3 winners will receive the proceeds from the sales of their publications. 20 finalists will be selected and their work will be included in the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 photobook and the photographs will also be exhibited in the final exhibition of the Eyeshot photography competition. The finalists will be interviewed and published on all Eyeshot channels.

How to Register

Participants are required to pay the registration fee or take advantage of the due alternative payment structures provided by Eyeshot, and to complete the competition entry form. To be admitted, the works must meet all the competition requirements. Incomplete works or those not complying with the rules or specifications may be disqualified at Eyeshot’s sole discretion.

Selection and Notification

The decisions of the judges are final. Winners and finalists will be informed via email within seven (7) days of selection. The publisher, Eyeshot, will have no liability for the failure of Winners and Finalists to receive communications due to spam, junk mail, or other security settings, or for Winners and Finalists providing incorrect or non-functional contact information. If they cannot be contacted, if they do not claim the prize within ninety (90) days of the prize assignment notification being sent, or if they do not promptly return a completed and executed declaration and release as required, the prize may be forfeited.

Privacy Policy and Rights

Photographers retain all copyrights to their images. The information submitted with an entry is subject to the Privacy Policy on the Eyeshot publisher’s website, which can be found here: https://www.eyeshotstreetphotography.com/privacy-policy/.


For everything not expressly provided for in this contract, the provisions of Italian law apply. The Court of Bologna will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between the parties related to this agreement.

Limitation of Liability

By participating, the user agrees to release and hold harmless Eyeshot Publisher from any liability, illness, injury, death, loss, dispute, claim, or damage that may occur, directly or indirectly, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, from (i) participation in the Competition and/or acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prize or part thereof; (ii) technical failures of any kind, including but not limited to, malfunction of any computer, cable, network, hardware, or software, or other mechanical equipment;

Competition Period

Registrations for the Open Call 2023 photography competition will be open from June 15th and have been extended until August 14th, 2023. The evaluation process will take place immediately after.

Before participating in the competition, participants are invited to read the registration rules, the specifications related to the different competition categories, the code of ethics, and all other crucial information necessary to participate in the photography competition in an appropriate and informed manner. Full cooperation and adherence to the competition rules are fundamental to ensuring a fair and stimulating competition experience for everyone.

Rights Granted by the Author

By participating in this competition, the user declares and guarantees that their work is original and does not violate the property rights or intellectual property rights of third parties. If the work violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, the user will be disqualified at the sole discretion of Eyeshot publisher. If the content of the work is accused of violating the property or intellectual property rights of third parties, the user will have to, at their own expense, defend or settle such claims. Each participant retains the copyright of their images, and credit lines will be provided to each participant when they are displayed or submitted anywhere by Eyeshot Publisher.

Acceptance of Rules

By participating, the user agrees to be fully and unconditionally bound by these rules and declares and guarantees to meet the eligibility requirements. Furthermore, the User agrees to accept the decisions of Eyeshot Publisher as final and binding as regards the content of this Competition.

Refund Policy for Participation Fee

Eyeshot would like to emphasis that once the participation fee has been paid, it will not be subject to a refund under any circumstances.

We’re looking forward to an exceptional display of creativity and innovation from all participants. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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