Eyeshot Open Call 2023

Finalists Series Category

Eyeshot is thrilled to unveil the 15 finalists and their compelling artworks for the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 series image category. Each image is a chapter in a larger narrative, brought to life through the power of visual storytelling. Explore the dynamic portfolio of our gifted photographers, who contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of international street and documentary photography.

The winners and finalists were carefully selected by an esteemed panel of judges who considered factors such as originality, creativity, visual impact, and the capacity for storytelling. In this series image category, three top winners and 15 finalists were identified.

Open Call Eyeshot 2023


The 11th issue of Eyeshot Magazine is an eco-sustainable, limited edition work of art, printed in Italy on premium paper. Our dedicated team of 4 invested 3,000 hours to successfully conclude the 2023 Open Call. This year’s theme, “The Human Being,” explores diverse human experiences through photography. With an impressive 15,000 submissions from over 100 countries, the issue showcases a global perspective on street and documentary photography.

  • A B M Nayeem Siddiquee

    A B M Nayeem Siddiquee

    BANGLADESH. The series captures the coexistence between humans and nature, with fishermen, farmers, and families living in sync with their surroundings. These images are a testament to the resilience and harmonious coexistence that exists within Bangladesh’s coastal communities.

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  • Abhishek Singh

    Abhishek Singh

    INDIA. Each year, something extraordinary unfolds at Manikarnika Ghat and Harishchandra Ghat, Varanasi’s revered cremation grounds. Through this singular festival, the essence, vitality, and time-honored custom come vividly to life.

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  • Antonios Pasvantis

    Antonios Pasvantis

    GREECE. In 1910, nearly 90% of the Muslim population in Thrace identified as Alevis or Behtashis. The series explores the lives and uncertain future of the remaining 4,000 Greek Alevis/Behtashis in the Evros region, probing into their societal concerns

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  • Argus Paul Estabrook

    Argus Paul Estabrook

    SOUTH KOREA/USA. In the bustling arenas of greater Seoul, two pioneering organizations—the Pro Wrestling Society (PWS) and the World Wrestling Association (WWA)—aim to popularize the high-octane drama of professional wrestling.

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  • Daniel Sackheim

    Daniel Sackheim

    UNITED STATES. “There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.” – Friedrich Nietzsche. Inspired by the visual esthetic of Film Noir, this series explores isolated fragments of subjects once there but now gone, as a means of shining a light on what is hidden, if only for an instant.

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  • Franco Rua Poemape

    Franco Rua Poemape

    PERÚ. In an odyssey through dreams and nightmares, good wrestles with evil, life grapples with death, revealing the inescapable truth: one cannot exist without the other. Unwilling to flee from these inner complexities, they remain more faithful to their emotions than to their own identity.

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  • Karim Mottaghi

    Karim Mottaghi

    IRAN. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, a grim specter swept across the globe, leaving no country unscathed. While first-world nations implemented stringent measures to combat the virus, the situation was markedly different in some developing countries.

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  • Katerina Churbakova

    Katerina Churbakova

    CYPRUS. Nestled within Valaam Island and its surrounding islets, an ancient complex of churches and sketes stands as one of Russia’s largest male Orthodox monasteries. Far from conforming to monastic stereotypes, life on Valaam mirrors broader society in miniature.

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  • Max Sturgeon

    Max Sturgeon

    UNITED STATES. When the Covid pandemic first started, like many, we holed up and embraced a life of isolation. Faced with deserted streets, the traditional approach to street photography had to be reimagined. With no subjects but ourselves, creativity became the tool for capturing unscripted moments of life.

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  • Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati

    Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati

    BANGLADESH. Originating during the British colonial era, martial arts fighting techniques initially served to safeguard villagers from oppressive Zamindars (landowners) and their tax-collecting enforcers. Today, the art form wears many hats.

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  • Mehrdad Vahed Yousefabad

    Mehrdad Vahed Yousefabad

    IRAN. For three decades, long-term drought, exacerbated by global warming and climate change, has put numerous rivers and lakes in Iran at risk.

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  • Rollo Hollins

    Rollo Hollins

    UNITED KINGDOM. Dating back to 1685, the Appleby Horse Fair stands as Europe’s largest assembly of Traveller communities. More than a mere gathering, it serves both as a communal celebration and a commercial hub for those who participate each year.

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  • Siodos


    FRANCE. The series is part two of a project dedicated to the notion of marginality unfolds on the bustling streets, capturing the lives of those often overlooked. Dividing the subject into distinct landscapes, the photographer employs analog techniques, using aged films and a glass filter slid in front of the camera.

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  • Spiros Loukopoulos

    Spiros Loukopoulos

    GREECE. The series presents classic photography with a fresh twist, embracing the freedom to explore and question our surroundings. A NEW BEGINNING focuses on the ethereal and spiritual aspects of life and aims to remain a lifelong quest for understanding and expression.

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  • Yasen Velchev

    Yasen Velchev

    BULGARIA. Although often considered a universal constant, time also reveals itself as deeply subjective and culturally shaped. OUT OF TIME invites viewers to traverse the nebulous frontiers of collective human experience.

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Eyeshot Open Call 2023: A Global Stage for Emerging and Established Photographers

The road to this moment has been a compelling journey of dedication and effort. Our tight-knit, passionate team of four has poured over 3,000 hours into realizing Eyeshot Open Call 2023, laboring tirelessly seven days a week. This year’s theme, “The Human Being,” has offered us a lens to explore the complexity and diversity of human experiences. From the dynamic pulse of cityscapes to the serene moments in rural life; from unguarded moments to intricate human narratives, the competition has received an astonishing 15,000 entries from more than 100 countries. The resulting body of work has been nothing short of a testament to the depth of creativity and passion that exists in the world of photography.

Guiding us through the meticulous selection process was a panel of highly-regarded jurors, a constellation of experts and luminaries in the field: Trent Parke, F. Dilek Yurdakul, Mark Abramson, Isadora Kosofsky, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Kitra Cahana, Richard Koci Hernandez, Narelle Autio, Emin Özmen, and our very own Marco Savarese, the visionary behind Eyeshot.


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