Lingering II. These images explore the multiple layers found in our surroundings using light as a tool to identify the degree of visibility. The shadows in contrast with saturated images create a flattening in the images that encourage the viewer to consider a confrontation between the comfortable and the familiar with the dark and heavy elements of the environment. The swiftness of street photography allowed me to capture the bodies pronouncing gestures that recall intimacy in the conversations the figures carry with each other.

Photographer: Eyoeal Kefyalew

Country: Ethiopia

Bio: Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I’ve been working as a graphic designer at an early age. After dropping out of Architecture school I focused on working on graphic design was I constantly edited and retouched different photos. That’s how I got drawn to photography. Currently, I am working as an Art director at ARMA, an advertising agency that I co-founded with friends.