Eclipse. The “Eclipse” series is one of my most recent work. It presents very colorful, contrasted and composed photographs. The images are composed frontally, sculpted out of colored areas and shadows. We are on the edge of abstraction. Passers-by themselves are reduced to mere silhouettes. These photographs were born from a desire to “paint”, using deep shadows, combining the intense light of my region with the colorful facades of Nice, geometry, shapes, the narrow streets of the old town, and the presence of the passers-by. I like images that are graphically constructed. In this work, I did not want to capture simple silhouettes on a colored background. My challenge was to find how the shadows would bring abstraction and geometry.

COUNTRY | France

BIO | Born in Lyon in 1982, based in Nice, teacher. I am interested in photography as a whole since I discovered the film laboratory when I was in high school. I could spend hours locked up developing my dandruff. Lately, I particularly turned to “street photography”. As a mother of two (and soon three) young children, it is difficult to travel, so I mainly photograph the streets of my city. I think my photography style has a varied approach.
My work is built through my wanderings and random encounters in the streets. I work on the spot, capturing moments, telling stories through small details. My eyes are attracted by the geometry of cities and landscapes, by the scenes taking place in the streets. Most of my works can be described as graphical or highly composed. I like to play with shapes, deep shadows, and to use the light as a carving tool.
Today, photography is an integral part of my life.