During these last years of street photography, Federico Feliciotti has realized how much he loves to explore how his personality reflects in what he creates. Photography is a simple medium, and it is much more immediate than many other means. There is a natural approach to the camera itself, and to look behind the lens allows you to get in touch with a parallel universe. You start to notice what surrounds you and how things happen.
The “Untitled” series starts from the inner awareness of the author and desire to explore beyond. Minimal style and geometric composition are consequences of the author’s introversion. The subject is represented alone, lost in its context and metaphor of loneliness. The geometric research is the emotional representation of Federico Feliciotti’s strive for balance. The majority of the photographs were taken during the global pandemic, as they may reflect the common feelings of the world’s population.


Federico Feliciotti is an Italian photographer based in central Italy. He grew up in a small town in central Italy called Porto Recanati, a territory that thrives on summer tourism as it overlooks the Adriatic Sea. Growing up in such a small place pushed him to look for stimuli elsewhere, to go beyond his surroundings. He approached photography a couple of years back during one of his trips to Japan. Investing in photography equipment and traveling to foreign countries keeps him focused and open.
Federico Feliciotti feels that photography was a natural evolution of his desire to explore, a way to express himself and to tell what he sees. Over time, street photography became a passion that became more and more present in his life. He is still perfecting and experimenting with different techniques, emerging from time to time with several new approaches. As for now, he prefers to keep his Street Photography projects candid and is working on improving his work day after day.