Chimalhuacán is a city and municipality located in the eastern part of the State of Mexico, Mexico. However, «Chimalhuacán», the Street series by Fermín Guzmán Martínez, is a Street Photography series that aims to look at Chimalhuacán dwellers and portray them in their daily lives.
Fermín Guzmán Martínez began to document the streets of his neighbourhood in Chimalhuacán with his camera in 2008. Faithful to Eugène Atget’s philosophy—French flâneur and a pioneer of documentary photography—the author’s lens serves as a reference for future generations and goes beyond the everyday actions of his subjects. There is a longing for leaving a mark in history by depicting a familiar place with captured images of disappearing elements in the city. Rapidly or not, only time will tell. Fermín Guzmán Martínez believes that Street Photography is pure anthropology and aims to visualise that invisibility in which we live every moment.


Fermín Guzmán Martínez is a Mexican Street and Documentary Photographer based in Chimalhuacán, Mexico. His daily life is very diverse, although photography has always had a central role. Passionate about travelling, he tried to get closer to nature and investigate the history of his roots. In this sense, the traditions and customs of his country charm deeply Fermín Guzmán Martínez. Mexico is a visually rich country to document with a camera. It is not so difficult to find unique and beautiful moments in the streets that are also rare and decadent in a way.
The author’s first contact with Street Photography goes back more than a decade in Mexico City. He took some photography courses, where he met and learned from great photographers. Their first recommendation was to start documenting his neighbourhood. There, his passion for Street Photography finally arose. Fermín Guzmán Martínez’s style has naturally changed in these years by keeping on learning and experimenting. However, the essence of his street work remains the same: showing his surroundings from his own perspective.