When the author looked at the photos side by side from the past four years, spent mostly travelling between Georgia and Berlin, he found patterns in them. There was a repetition in motifs, influences, and composition in every image. He photographed the streets, without the intention to document anything, nor to follow or develop any specific idea. Yet, all the pictures had something in common, and they spoke to each other to some extent. «(T)here» is the way to show the bonds among them, to link together such different places, and stories. Can a dialogue arise from these encounters?
How the photographer moves, the perspective he chooses, and the point of view, represent the method with which he chooses to communicate. Every photo is then a repeated attempt to capture a picture of yourself. As an artist, the author is interested in how the images carry and convey meanings without a conscious intention. The focus of this project is to witness how photography is not the medium to represent a concept. Instead, it’s the source of raw material that can lead us to rethink our world.


Filip Machač was born in 1984 in a small town in the Czech Republic. Since 2013, he lives in Berlin, Germany. He studied philosophy and aesthetics, and started taking photos in 2012. In the beginning, he worked with photography on a conceptual level, using it as a medium for art installations. Now, photography is much more than a tool, and it forces Filip to perceive his everyday life more, and better. Photography is a sort of intuitive communication with the environment, where the process of “making” a photo means synchronising oneself with the present, and understanding how all things are connected. For him, it is a kind of meditation. Photography is not about hunting some special or decisive moment. Perhaps, every moment is decisive.