Paolo Marchetti

Paolo Marchetti is a National Geographic “The Photo Society” fellow and an award and grant winning independent photographer based in Rome, Italy. Before turning to documentary photography, Marchetti worked for thirteen years in the cinematographic and commercial industry, covering each role in the Camera Department alongside the world’s greatest cinematographers.
In his photography, Marchetti has always paid particular attention to political and anthropological issues embarking on a freelance career focusing on a combination of long-term personal projects and client assignments.

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United States

Richard Koci Hernandez

With a long history in photography, journalism, and art, Richard Koci Hernandez has the visual skills that allow him to combine his photojournalistic reflex in timing, his artistic eye for composition, his historical knowledge of the medium, and his unique vision wrought with wistfulness, mystery, and tenderness.
Hernandez’s vision and stylistic consistency are the fairy dust that added magic to the content that inundated the new digital platforms, depicted in “The Geometry of Life”. 

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Noppadol Maitreechit

We all have dreams. The same is true for Burmese people (Myanmar, Burma) who come to work in the fishing industry. They all desire a better life, to eat and sleep well, and to have enough money to send relatives back home.
In Maitreechit’s series “FISHERMAN’S DREAM“, composition, lighting and the psychology of the subjects and viewers come together to create art out of ordinary moments. These photographs combine raw and faded elements, shuttered at such a decisive moment to create an image with greater impact than usual.

Noppadol Maitreechit 2 High Res Eyeshot


Lisa Bukreyeva

NOT LIKE US” by Lisa Burkreyeva is a series about growing up and the time it takes. It’s a collection of photographs about the artist’s personal journey, her ability to connect her experiences with others, and to understand identities, both of her own and of those who are succeeding her generation.
Her work is intimate, conveying to the viewer vulnerability, strength, and her personal thoughts and feelings. The series is a way for her to make sense of her surroundings and find her place in them.

Not Like Us 02 Eyeshot


Svilen Nachev

THE ILLUSION OF MEANING” is a photographic series by Svilen Nachev on our existence, feelings, growth, and travel that shapes our digital identity within a universal language that crosses cultures and societal divides.
Through the seemingly random arrangement of subjects, each image can be interpreted in a variety of ways. By giving each image a degree of abstraction, the artist aims to engage the viewer on an individual level, allowing each person to discover their own meaning in the images.

Svilen Nachev The Illusion Of Meaning 09 Eyeshot


Suresh Naganathan

A WORLD CALLED MUMBAI” by Suresh Naganathan is an attempt to make sense of Mumbai – difficult to navigate, messy, overly spread out, and noisy. It is an ongoing exploration of the different worlds that coexist within it. The series’ gaol is to show the breadth and depth Mumbai’s diversity. What at first appeared like chaos, slowly took another shape. “It is both a love letter to a place that has offered me so much and a small postcard for people to get a glimpse of what it feels to live here.”

A World Called Mumbai 6 Eyeshot


Spiros Loukopoulos

THIS IS NOT A SERIES” is about feelings, and not just what you can actually see in front of you. The photographer tends to capture humorous elements, clever touches, while also exploring his interest in the macabre side of life, a quite romantic approach that reflects the old school way of capturing and seeing life’s essence in its most simplistic form. Spiros Loukopoulos aims to capture the everyday things or snippets that are happening all the time without us realizing it and that we pass by and miss. He tries to freeze ordinary missed/unseen moments.

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Shah Toufiqur Rahman

Shah Toufiqur Rahman’s series is about bright colors with a light and shadow mystery that adds dimension and vibrancy. He believes that extraordinary beauty can be found in everyday objects. As a result, he photographs daily experiences in an attempt to convey this message. “A WORLD OF PARADOX” sees the photographer’s use of light and shadow to create depth and dimension in his photographs. He also uses color to create a sense of balance and harmony in his images.

Shah Toufiqur Rahman 12 Eyeshot

United States

Dan Fenstermacher

Kwesi and Kurt looked after six horses, twelve chickens, four goats, three dogs, and their respective families. They adopted the cowboy way of life. Faced with racism in the ranching industry and at home, several Richmond California police officers, former gang members, and prison inmates found their purpose in starting a ranch (built from the ground up) in Benicia, CA. “FROM THE STREETS TO THE DIRT” is a series capturing a story of fortitude and perseverance, ending up in Kwesi and Kurt winning first place in the Relay Race at the Bill Picket Rodeo in Los Angeles, CA in July 2022.

R008452 Eyeshot


Guille Ibanez

Guille Ibañex left his home country almost two decades ago, sparking a personal journey to capture the essence of Spain through his photography in a way that could bring people together and help define the country’s personality. In “TIERRA SANTA“, Guille’s images range from joyful and colorful to raw and dark, all depicting the shared history that has defined the country’s identity for centuries. Implicit themes, such as a search for belonging, a quest for faith, and regional pride, are woven throughout the collection.

Guille Ibanez EyeShot 06 Eyeshot

United States

Jonathan Jasberg

Jonathan Jasberg’s series “CAIRO: A BEAUTIFUL THING IS NEVER PERFECT” is a sequenced preview of a multi-year project. These photographs feature moments of joy, sadness, quirkiness, and hope. “Far from perfect” – as defined by the artist – these images not only show a glimpse of the complexity of Cairo and the lives of its inhabitants, but also capture moments in which we can relate to, empathize with, and appreciate the shared beauty of diversity. In this view, the series is a tribute to the Cairo’s hidden complexity as well as the photographer’s experience and relationship with it.

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Giedo van der Zwan

As he fell in love with street photography, Giedo van der Zwan began to explore themes that would allow him to have a deeper creative experience, seeking to add more to his images than just technical precision. Van der Zwan’s “REAL PEOPLE” aimed to make the subjects of his photographs almost palpable to the viewer, enabling them to sense emotions and become involved in the scene. Through consistent technique and camera, as well as hooting from close range with a wide-angle lens and a flash, he captures raw emotions from real people in unstaged situations.

Real People 14 Eyeshot


Fermín Guzmán

Fermín Guzmán began photographing the streets of his neighborhood, where violence and poverty are central and deeply rooted, but also where the good and hardworking people who only seek to survive and always hope to get ahead can be found. It should not be limited to capturing rare or humorous moments, but rather, it should give a voice to the voiceless and immortalize them in visual history. For Guzmán, Street Photography is a form of anthropology that must have a humanistic sense. Through his “CHIMALHUACÁN“, Guzmán seeks to showcase his lived experiences and perspectives, shedding light on the place where he comes from.

01. Fermin Guzman Chimalhuacan Eyeshot

Various Countries

Open Call 22

Discover the artworks of the talented photographers who have been selected as the winners, jurors’ picks and finalists of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022. Chosen for their visual storytelling, creativity, and style in conveying their observations of contemporary reality, these artists’ are images capture the dynamic nature of street and documentary photography.

DSCF1588bb15921b Eyeshot


Francesco Sembolini

While created in two dimensions, Sembolini’s images represent the three dimensions of reality with intense graphic awareness. “Almost Real” emphasizes minimal lines illuminated in dark spaces. Despite the reduced number of colors, each one remains just as crucial to the success of the photograph. Sembolini’s selection and color arrangement transforms an ordinary scene into a work of art, inviting the viewer to see the world in a new and unexpected way.

Francesco Sembolini 00002


Stavros Stamatiou

Stavros Stamatiou was raised on the outskirts of a small town famous for its electric power industries. Despite his urban surroundings, Stavros had a deep connection to nature and cherished memories of his grandparents, who were refugees from Asia Minor. “Street as a Mirror” by Stavros Stamatiou is a powerful depiction of the world in which we all live. He captures the ‘making in the making’ of every moment, observing reality as it becomes an experience. These images are an attempt to capture the contrast between reality and fantasy at the level of one’s experience.

Stavros Eyeshot


Andrea Torrei

Driven by her passion for history, law, and politics, Andrea Torrei has worked for associations and NGOs to help women and children for several years. She gave herself up to photography and discovered the visible and mysterious realities hidden within. “Realities Hidden Within” represents the ability to see beyond what is sanctioned as habitual. These photographs bring us straightforward impressions of colors, geometric proportions, and balances. They become metaphors for a profound sense of the universal human condition and challenge the viewer’s sentimental education.

Andrea Torrei Eyeshot 15

United States

Simon Kossoff

Since his arrival in the U.S., Simon Kossoff has circled the country in his car numerous times, camping in the wilds and falling in love with the vast spaces between the cities and the people who live there. Traveling alone, with his camera and notebooks, he has spent much of his time, here, there, and mostly in the middle of nowhere.
Altered States of Agoraphobia” takes us on a psycho-geographical road trip, filled with the anxiety of the agoraphobic. His photographs connect the search for personal orientation, between the ideas of a place and his experience of it. It is a journey that explores the destination.

Simon Kossoff  26 Eyeshot


Sakulchai Sikitikul

Sakulchai Sikitikul’s artwork places the social context into a personal perspective. His photographs reflect the urge to document the passage of time, elevating his street shots beyond mere snapshots. Sakulchai Sikitikul focuses on composition, light, colors, as well as moments, trying to maintain balance within the image.
His images capture significant events, communities, individuals, locations, and even small details like clothing styles and outfits. In “As it Happened,” the photographer records his social context, confirming its existence.

Sakulchai Eyeshot  Eyeshot


Lukas Vasilikos

For the past fifteen years, Lukas Vasilikos has been practicing the penetrating momentary observation and the cosmic loneliness required by street photography. In “Six Degrees of Separation,” the public domain often appears disjointed, with both visible and hidden geometries and dynamic divisions.
His compositions, ranging from sandy beaches to bustling plazas, from glamorous shop windows to dogs atop tricycles, often teem with unexpected contrasts. Lukas Vasilikos’ unyielding gaze scans both foreground and background, prioritizing human interactions over broader social contexts.

Lukas Vasilikos  2 Eyeshot


Valeria Tofanelli

Born and raised in the heart of Italy, Valeria Tofanelli finds in photography a way to interpret reality and mould it as she pleases. Through linear compositions and an intense, vibrant use of color, Valeria creates breathtaking representations of reality that border on the abstract, drawing the viewer into her world.
Mareterno“, in collaboration with Lorenzo Catena, is the result of a compelling experience of the city dwellers capture through photographs allowing the viewer to discover truths yet to be revealed.

Tofanelli 3 Web

United States

Max Sturgeon

Max Sturgeon’s photography is an attempt to capture the vividness of life in the Bay of Bengal region, showcasing the richness of colours as well as conveying actions and meanings. In a land of countless Gods and languages, the streets are theatre, and the performances one of a kind. “Of a Different Stripe” captures the chaos that makes the region unique and overwhelming. Even to the most experienced traveller the Bay is an assault on the senses: the noise, the smells, the vibrant colours, the seemingly never-ending crowds pushing against you. Life in the streets can be felt and seen like nowhere else.

Max Sturgeon 00008 Fine Art Eyeshot


Lorenzo Catena

With a keen eye for details in everyday life, Lorenzo Catena’s work develops towards complex and evocative compositions assembled with harmony and vibrant colours and plays of light. In 2019, Lorenzo was among the winners at the “Summer heat” competition curated by Magnum Photos. In 2021, his work was selected by Martin Parr in The Independent Photographer Platform, Street Photography category.
Mareterno“, in collaboration with Valeria Tofanelli, is the result of a compelling experience of the city dwellers capture through photographs allowing the viewer to discover truths yet to be revealed.

00021 Lorenzo Catena Eyeshot

United States

David Graham

David Graham’s “In Plain Sight” explores the space between private expression and public vulgarity, foreshadowing a future in which commercial billboards and handcrafted quilts coexist in the same museum. Graham’s work is rooted in the element of juxtaposition, interpretation, and the embrace of the everyday American experience.

David Graham Black Edition


Suzan Pektaş

Dreams the Black Sea” by Turkish documentary photographer Suzan Pektaş aims to reshape the mesmerizing stories that scattered Pektaş’ summer nights, as told by her grandfather, a disabled actor, in the family’s beach hut. After 25 years, Pektaş returns to the region, searching for the characters that inhabited these tales.

Suzan DreamsTheBlackSea 00013 Eyeshot