Fine Art Photography Collection

Created by Photographers, this collection features high-quality photography publications with a focus on creative and innovative perspectives. We aim to become the vanguard of a movement reshaping the publishing field.
This collection places high value on street and documentary photography as both visual languages and art forms. We strive to inspire our community by bringing to light street and documentary photography’s unique ability to disrupt the margins of society.

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Our mission

Capturing Serendipity in Street and Documentary Photography!

This vast selection of photographs from all over the world sees at its center the journey of human life, capturing events and individuals in intimate and reflective everyday scenes.

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Italian handicraft is the benchmark of our production activity.

Our Fine Art Prints are made with high-quality inks on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® 308 gr/m²  paper from FSC certified sources. With high-end paper and high-quality pigment prints, Eyeshot has a strictly made in Italy and plastic-free policy.
Each print is limited, signed by the artists and certified by Eyeshot stampand numbered by hand. Eyeshot Fine Arts prints are available in four different formats, each with a limited number of copies, no reprinting options, and a fixed price.
The 100% cotton fiber surface makes our artworks look matte and pleasing to the touch. The end result is vivid and detailed. The pigment printing technique guarantees incredible image depth and durability for over a century. We do not compromise on the quality we bring to you.

And Powerful Details!

Exclusive Editions and Fixed Price

In the format of your choice

Eyeshot’s great devotion for photography is conveyed through its actions and beliefs, always striving for mutual respect, fairness, and diversity. What we do today will have an impact on our future: small actions can revolutionize our lives.

Eyeshot Fine Arts prints are available in four different formats, each with a fixed number of copies, no reprinting options, and a fixed price.

FormatsN. Copies
20×30 cm10
45×30 cm6
60×40 cm3
75×50 cm1
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a unique experience

Limited Edition & Certified Works of Art

This Fine Art Prints collection is the reflection of Eyeshot’s greater mission and corevalues. We strive to make a meaningful contribution to the world of Contemporary Photography and Art by always looking for Storytellers to advocate for.
With exclusive contracts, Eyeshot is a strong supporter of the protection of the artist and the art created. We are dedicated to the printing and distribution of limited-edition and signed publications on Street and Documentary Photography. These limited and certified pieces ensure the best quality possible for the buyer while remaining true to artistic expression.

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Made by photographers

The Value of Uniqueness

Eyeshot believes in treating photographs as works of art in their own right and strives every day to ensure that photographers receive proper recognition for their work. With this collection, we want to celebrate authors and their pieces of art by combining the uniqueness of our artists’ visions with the uniqueness of the print.

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Eyeshot Values

Our Mission

Eyeshot is an Italian independent and environmentally friendly publisher, devoted to the printing and distribution of limited-edition and autographed publications on Street and Documentary Photography.
Eyeshot’s strong commitment to photography is conveyed through its actions and beliefs. Eyeshot strives for mutual respect and fairness to create an environment of excellence, trust, and diversity in which everyone feels welcome. We invest in Artistsand support them with suitable royalties. We respect Authors, their creativity, and their copyright.