«33» is a journey through the 32+1 Greater London boroughs, to observe and hopefully understand the vast territory that forms The Greater London perimeter. After living there for five years, the author realised that the experience of what is called Greater London escaped him. As he says, he is a big fan of long walks, and that is how the project started.
He began a walk of discovery trying to capture the multitude of contrasts in every single Borough. Curiosity and the will to explore uncharted territories, with their new habits, colourful details, and strange happenings, gave shape to a broader view on people of London, and on the city itself. In this series, we observe the photographer’s lens witnessing unusual encounters, rich in colours and very theatrical. Every scene has the ability to transport the viewer into a melancholic mindset, one where the feeling of nostalgia is overwhelming. Daily London life, which develops along its streets, is an incredible nutrient for this type of voyeurism, and the camera is a congenial instrument to capture it.
«33» is still an ongoing series that the author plans on developing further, to create a body of work that reflects and captures the Londoners’ life and spirit.


Francesco Fantini is an Italian photographer based in London. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, with a MA in Photography. Then, he moved to the UK in 2014, where he currently lives, works and does daily research. He defines himself as a very curious person, and photography is one of the tools that help him feed this thirst. In his journey he decided to shoot mainly 35/120 mm films, especially for his research and documentary photography. He’s now working on the «33» project, with the final aim to make it a book.