Francesco Lopazio


«Children of Nature» is a series born after a reading and in-depth studying of Giacomo Leopardi’s poetry, which is devoted to nature and the human habitat in particular.
During the Italian lockdown, the author found plenty of time to develop Leopardi’s view into a more visual research. With strong colours and bold subjects, the narrative of life and living acquires a strange sense of belonging. Francesco Lopazio was able to draw an intense connection with what was happening in the world in these difficult times, and how the relationship between human beings and nature has changed. In Leopardi’s poems, this perspective is fundamental – the very basis of life itself.
There is an awareness and profound admiration for what we have in our everyday life that comes through every image. With an emphasis on minimalism and engaging composition, «Children of Nature» conveys a feeling of isolation that brings individuals to a higher state of consciousness.


Francesco Lopazio is an Italian photographer born in 1993. He started his journey with photography in 2010, on the definite occasion of a road trip across Sicily — one of the most fascinating areas across Italy. There, local traditions and customs have a distinctive charm, especially when you can capture them with a camera.
Since then, he travelled around Europe extensively. In the meanwhile, he had the opportunity to develop his personal style and photography language focused on urban settings and street photography. As he says, he is obsessed by the research of organised compositions, and he is very attentive when addressing specific details. By collaborating with an Italian non-profit organisation, he turned his attention to the relationship between human beings and their surroundings, and how they modify the environment suitable for living.