My point of view. This is a series of some of my street photographs, I prefer black and white because I love to emphasize the shadows and the lights; often shot with the viewfinder set in black and white for this reason. My photos try to capture the great of the past, researching the philosophy of the moment caught. Although I love experimenting with everything, I am not a lover of street portraits, often with subjects posing, I prefer the romantic and ancient philosophy of Bresson, the right moment.

Photographer: Francesco Nigi

Country: Italy

Bio: Francesco is a Florentine photographer. Born in 1990, he studied Communication and Journalism at the University of Florence. He is currently working for some local newspapers and collaborating on the Alzheimer project promoted by the Opera Santa Maria del Duomo of Florence. Some of his pictures have been published in Sony Italia, Corriere Fiorentino and in the competition section of the National Geographic (“Luoghi e Paesaggi”, 2015; international competition “Emotions”-second place in Landscape category-).
Francesco participated in some collective exhibitions
His pictures range from reportage to street photography, photojournalism, portraits, and landscapes.
A fil rouge can be identified among his heterogeneous works: through photography, mainly black-and-white, he seizes the moment, that moment when everything stops. It doesn’t happen by chance, as his photos capture movements, gazes, gestures, shadows, balanced and contrasting lights. Francesco captures emotions and feelings which usually flow, change and fade in our liquid modernity.