Berlin and Bangkok: two of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the world. Every alley hides a secret and surprises the passers-by. Yet they can be unexpectedly lonely and enticingly mysterious as well.
«Sidewalk Affairs» takes you on a journey whose aim is giving people and places a voice. These candid photographs show details and uncommon scenes unfamiliar to the eye—ones in which we could run into every day if we cared to watch closely enough. Bangkok is full of darkness, colours, and urban beauty. One quickly forgets how unsettlingly deep its abysses are, and would love to lose themself into it. Berlin is just as gloomy and grey as the former. However, joy is to be found in its spots of colours, contrasts, shapes and feelings it conveys.
«Sidewalk Affairs» is still an ongoing series which is a pure glance at this author’s work and style. By capturing urban landscapes, Frankie Casillo showed two different attitudes towards life though filled with many affinities. Let the city tempt you, and slowly make your way into the uncertainty of the next big urban jungle. Now, get lost in its dark secrets.


Frankie Casillo is a German documentary photographer based in Berlin, shooting colour film only. He approached the realm of photography by trying his hand at various media of expression, such as digital artwork and music composition. He developed a positive and organic attitude towards storytelling—as a consequence, his work cruises between street photography and festival documentation around the world to show different narratives and explore diversity.
Casillo sees photography as a meditative process in which he detains the ultimate freedom to capture beauty, absurdity and everything in between. After these uncertain times, he intends to keep going with his work and exploring new locations and people thanks to his strong connection to the Berlin music scene. During his career, he collaborated across several publications, such as WeTransfer / WePresent, The Guardian, and Sleek Art to name a few.