The street is not a studio - B&W

With every single shot, Gabi Ben Avraham seeks to give new meaning to the seeming insignificance around him and to create a private and intimate hallucination to share with the viewer. The street is not a studio – one cannot prepare for what one will see, the people one will meet and the experiences one will witness: the only thing certain is one’s click. No matter if the moment fades away, it is forever imprinted in the viewer’s memory. In this black and white series, the drama and plasticity of the subjects captured make the desperation in the search for something beyond matter even more glaring.


Gabi Ben Avraham is an Israeli photographer. He lives in Tel Aviv and works in a software company. After flirting with an initial fascination with photography and film cameras in the 1980’s, he went on to pursue a career as an IT manager and put his love for the still image aside. Fortunately, his interest never faded. While the passion lay dormant for decades, all it took was the gift of a camera from his wife to reawaken his inclination towards photography again.