NO TITLE | A collection of images from 4 projects across Spain, Cuba, Mexico and around the UK.

Country: United Kingdom

Bio: Drawn to the creative arts from a young age, Gary Salter has gone on to transform an early passion for imagery and visual expression into a successful career in photography. He trained at Liverpool University where he studied Graphics and Photography. He has been an independent photographer ever since, with a duality to his approach which sees him combine his distinctive humour and character-driven observational photography, with larger more involved client based productions. Working primarily in the UK and the USA, these larger assignments have included commissions for numerous global clients.
In Gary’s words “ I love being inspired and feeding off interactions and observations with those around me – I like to tell stories through the images I create from these interactions”.
The subtle and “less is more” approach of Gary’s work draws the viewer into details often overlooked. Exploring the human condition through glimpses of what most would consider mundane, and finding instead characters that are fundamentally relatable, revealing the remarkable in the unremarkable. He enjoys travelling and documenting situations and everyday people, finding inspiration and a story in the unobserved. Gary has received international recognition, acquiring many awards from prestigious bodies such as the AOP, PDN ‘Faces’, the APA ‘Off the clock’ awards, Campaign Press, IPA, and D&A, amongst others.