The image that most people have of places that are touristic destinations, like my city, is caricaturistic. But life goes on, with and without tourists. There are different people with different kind of stories to tell. And it is not always shiny. Sometimes it can even snow.

Photographers: Gianis Angelakis

Country: Greece

Bio: I was born in 1979. I have started photography in 2011, mainly due to my work as a journalist. Soon, however, I realized that I was particularly interested in street photography as a form that relies on discovering patterns and capturing life as it happens. For the past years, I try to put elements of street photography on news coverage. Living in times where the economic crisis had a huge impact on everyday life in Greece much of my material is crisis related. There is also a lot of work on other aspects of everyday life, such as leisure by the beach, traditional festivals and life on the streets. Through photography, I distance myself from reality in order to see it as an observer. This in return, helps me create a personal sense of what is important and what is not, which I find very useful and fulfilling.