Close to Routine.Close to routine is an ongoing work of street photography realized using flash and wide angle lens, which are usually employed for landscape photography. Close to routine wants to closely investigate modern society, in particular, the Italian province contest, looking for grotesque, common, ambiguous and contrast, creating empathy with perfect strangers by using an aggressive and close-up photographic style and capturing those situations, which not always involve humans, that can represent comedy and drama of life, the characters which walk next to us every day and allow break the slow and repetitive “human routine”.
Even if now I’m moving forward and using new approaches, this was the first approach I used during my photography life. It starts as a strategy to fight my introversive behaviour and interact with strangers, even if in a “bizarre way”.
I still love flash photography, and I thinks is one of the most empathic way to took fragments of everyday life. I prefer doing it in Italy, even if some of the photos come from other contest and culture experiences.

Photographer: Gianluca Morini

Country: Italy

Bio: Italian21 years old photographer and human-safari
enthusiast, born in Como, currently working in Varese.
My work is mainly focused on the description of my territory, analyzing the human condition and his influence in my homeland region itself.