Gianpaolo Izzo

Human in Geometry | In my shots I always try to find a good balance between human subjects and geometries. It’s the kind of shot that I like more. I enjoy to find a minimal composition in my photos because it can give a visual strong impact. Always keep an eye on the colors to use with. Here a selection of some of my “Human in Geometry” favorite shots. I hope you like it


BIO | I’m Gianpaolo Izzo, I’m a street photographer based in Naples, Italy. My passion for photography was born in the summer of 2017. I went in South Africa for my honeymoon and there my passion for photography began. Then my approach, in the photography, goes immediately at the street photography cause I’m the kind of man who didn’t like to stay in the middle of attention. So I started to try street photography and I saw that this kind of style really excited me. I started to read more book about it, started to watch many videos about it, and of course to shooting as more as possible. In the begin I only shooted in black and white, because that was my vision about it. But when I’ve seen Saul Leiter and Alex Webb’s shots I fallen in love with street colors shots. They are my insipiration but I also like to shoot in bnw. Many project for my photography life are planning and I hope to realize something beautiful. It’s all about passion.