«Pier to Pier» is Giedo van der Zwan’s first big and long term project. It is about the local beach culture of his home town and it depicts scenes from daily life somewhere between the two piers: the northern fishing Pier and the leisure Pier.
Two centuries ago, the first bathing houses were placed on the beach of Scheveningen, a coastal town near The Hague, Netherlands. They marked the start of the modern local sea-bathing culture. However, Scheveningen was mainly a poor fishing village.
The photographer’s family name ‘Van der Zwan’ is well-known in Scheveningen. Here, his grandfather had a fish shop and his father grew up here. The stories he heard from them sketched a completely different picture of the beach and the sea, which was full of dangers.
It was this contradiction that made the author decide to delve deeper with his camera into the contemporary Scheveningen. He tells us that he kept coming back to the beach, the boulevard and the pier to visualize the local bathing and beach culture.
«Pier to Pier» is about everything that happens on the 2,5 kilometres of beach and boulevard between the northern fishing pier and the pleasure pier of Scheveningen. It is here, on these ‘hunting grounds’ that Giedo van der Zwan likes to capture the almost inexhaustible flow of day-trippers strikingly. With lots of colour and flash and preferably an extra element; something recognizable or something weird. Whether it is surprise, pleasure, endearment or indignation, he aims to release emotion with the people who watch my images.


Giedo van der Zwan is a Dutch writer, publisher and photographer. He works from home, and as he has three school-going children and his wife is a doctor, his life can get quite busy. He lives in The Hague, Netherlands, close to a beach. He has been practising photography since the age of 11 and has tried many sub-genres, such as travel and wildlife photography. He discovered Street Photography—and with the terms, he means the art of shooting meaningful images candidly—in early 2017 and was hooked since.
Photography has brought him a lot: from his own projects, exhibitions, awards, and new friends from all over the world. But most of all, it gave new meaning to his life.