My own private Brazil. Mainly my love for geometry and architecture and wondering. Most images done in Brasilia which I think is visually unknown to the public.


BIO | Born in Rome in 1967, I spent my first 21 years there, receiving my first inputs on aesthetics, lighting, and colors. The seed for my projections into geometric pictural word was planted thus. My passion for art and open-mindedness towards the artistic world pushed me to wander into different lands. I moved to London, New York, Ibiza and finally landed in Barcelona where I am currently based. During those years I got involved in the music industry, and have been a photography producer/art buyer for several years. This gave me a deep understanding of cross-cultural differences, as well as sharpening my curiosity, and a good sense of humor. Combining shapes and sounds has really motivated me to pursue my work as a photographer from a cinematic point of view.
I hope my photography gives people the ability to wonder, so their own interpretation can inspire their fantasy.