A collection of photographs taken in Cambodia and Indonesia between 2015 and 2016. These images reveal the importance of community within these two cultures through the traditions and practices that are photographed. Together they show the importance of the group versus the individual within the cultures of Cambodia and Indonesia.

Photographer: Giovanni Mazzuchelli

Country: Italy

Bio: Giovanni Mazzuchelli was born in Brescia, Italy in 1987. While working a job in construction just out of high school, Giovanni began to develop a passion for photography that he decided to pursue. He quit his job, attended a photography programme in Italy, and began to travel in order to learn and document other cultures and ways of living. Through photography, Giovanni strives to be respectful and to capture the world as it is, without transforming or altering it. He is currently studying photojournalism and documentary photography at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa.