For Gloria Salgado Gispert, photography is a process of discovery, making her see things differently and the beauty that presents itself wherever she is. In the streets, she looks for something that happens only once and that people do not see, turning it into something that is seen properly and is wonderful. She “lets things happen” and uses the camera as a pen to write wonderful stories of everyday life.


Gloria Salgado Gispert is originally from Barcelona and living in Perth (Western Australia) since 2014. Those who know her well would say that she is a passionate tiny person. Photography for her is not only something she is passionate about, it has become her obsession.
Her camera is the extension of her arm, the pen in her daily diary. She photographs what is closest to her, the things that she most enjoys and this includes her family, friends and people in general. She is simply someone that documents every day with the help of the camera: “In that sense maybe yes, I am a documentary photographer. But I certainly don’t like labels of any kind. What it is clear to me though, is that the camera helps me understand everything that happens around me and my place in it, and I do it mostly for myself, because it makes me happy, because I see extraordinary things and moments thanks to the camera”.