Days at the Channel. “Days at the Channel” series where taken during a time period of regular visits to various locations around the English Channel, in an attempt to observe and capture the coexistence of people and the urban landscape. Capturing the banal, the everyday, the action through the inaction, the order, the harmony and the solemnity form, make up the overall philosophical perception of city life.

Photographer: Hara Sklika

Country: Greece

Bio: After years of studying and researching creative photography, educating herself in Greece and abroad, Hara has become an explorer of visual arts techniques. She has honed her gaze around knowing the ordinary and the extraordinary and beyond, to expressing the quotidian as special. Hara has achieved this by exploring different kinds of photography. Her starting point was human contact. Intense voluntary work at non-profit organizations and solidarity actions highlight her visual background, giving an emphasis on the human aspect of the subjects she chooses. Direct communication with those groups, as well as the understanding of social behavior and diversity, were personal aims and goals through the image. She then moved on to architecture. With an almost archaic attention to geometry, she captures architecture as a great human creation and achievement, to become the professional that she is now.