Cuba by mirror. What shocked me most in Cuba, was the co-living of magnificent buildings next to those that were falling apart. I started to take a photo using the mirror trying to connect 2 different/opposite viewpoints, to well understand the environment of one scene. This play allowed me to e be very quite and calm, spending a lot of time to take just one shoot.
To me it was a mind exercise to take the right time to do something, and don’t be in rush. As well as it was to me, it became my invite to keep going to find out the different viewpoints, and don’t stop at the first glance, since the world depends on how you look at him. How many mirrors has your mind, how many truths do you want to know.

Photographer: Ilaria D’alessandro

Country: Italy

Bio: I’m proudly born in the South of Italy, but I spent half of my life in the North, studying architecture and then working as an Architect. At 30y I decided to listen to my artistic voice, I went to States and I start to realize my art-projects and to curate few small exhibitions. I’m obsessed with the time, every day I play my game against Him, and I’m always a loser. taking photos it’s the only way to stop the time. I love pizza and salmon.