Italian Street Eyes. Italian Street Eyes is a collective of Italian photographers focused on the practice of street photography and with the desire to show the world with their documentary and artistic way. Established in 2015, the main objective is to grow together, discussing research, results and developments. The secondary objective is to share the members’ work with other people and photographers.
The members represent the collective also in festivals, photographic associations, workshops, portfolio reviews, photo walks and more.

MEMBERS | Lorenzo Catena, Gimmi Corvaro, Fabrizio Delfini, Pierfranco Fornasieri, Sergio Raffaele, Francesco Sembolini, Valeria Tofanelli, Daniele Zarri.

Lorenzo Catena
Gimmi Corvaro
Fabrizio Delfini
Pierfranco Fornasieri
Sergio Raffaele
Francesco Sembolini
Valeria Tofanelli
Daniele Zarri