As Saint-Exupéry wrote, “the essential is invisible to the eyes”. This thought sums up what street photography means to Ivan Margot. Coming from the world of graphic design and being used to creating concepts that involve well-structured script and a meticulous methodology, Margot finds street and documentary photography liberating. For the artist, photography is about self-expression, intuition and letting everything flow to that precise moment when the photograph is taken. His goal as a street and documentary photographer it to make an ephemeral and unique moment eternal.


Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, Ivan Margot graduated in Graphic Design and Communication from the ECAL School in Lausanne. He moved to Barcelona where he worked and collaborated with several advertising agencies. Later on, he decided to open his own graphic design studio while continuing to teach at the IDEP school in Barcelona. Ivan currently works as a freelancer at numerous advertising firms in Switzerland, where he spends the most of his time researching and working on various street photography projects.