Untitled. Always, as Saint-Exupéry wrote, “the essential is invisible to the eyes”. 
Make visible the invisible essence of an instant. This thought could sum up what street photography is to me.
I come from the world of graphic design and I am used to creating and transmitting concepts following the guidelines of a client. All this work involves a well-structured script and a meticulous methodology where there is no room for much improvisation.
It has been liberating to realize that in street photo there are no rules or strategies to ensure success. The secret is self, intuition, letting everything flow to that precise moment when you take the picture. 
In the street, places, people, light…. are not static elements, they change constantly. You can’t plan or search, they’re just there for a very limited period of time. You find them. The decision of what you will do, how and when it is yours, and it must be made quickly. There’s no time to think. This instant provides us with improvised images, although not without a visual complexity that goes beyond the apparent simplicity of the place and the moment.
My goal is not to do a story. I don’t want the idea of a specific project to limit my creativity. I work more by intuition, looking for a potentially interesting place that allows me to be spontaneous.
This is precisely my objective as a street photographer: to make an ephemeral and unique moment eternal.

Photographer: Ivan Margot

Country: Spain

Bio: Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, Ivan Margot graduated in Graphic Design and Communication from the ECAL School in Lausanne. He moved to Barcelona where he worked and collaborated with several advertising agencies for several years. Finally, he decides to open his own graphic design studio at the same time that he gives classes as a teacher at the IDEP school in Barcelona.
Currently, Ivan works as a free-lance at several advertising agencies in Switzerland and spends most of his time researching and working on various projects related to street photography.