Visual radiography of Trujillo. Radiography of Trujillo, Peru. These photographs have been taken between 2014 and 2018. They are the result of many wanderings through the streets of the city of Trujillo, Peru. All the scenes captured in these photographs respond to a constant curiosity of life in its public facet; they are ironic scenes and full of humor, because, I consider that the street is like a great urban theater that is open 24 hours a day.


BIO | I was born in the province of Otuzco, La Libertad, Peru and studied Communication Sciences at the National University of Trujillo. There I learned the first knowledge of photography. At the end of 2013, I met Fidel Carrillo, a street photographer, and photojournalist. Through him, I came to urban photography because until then my photographs were of landscapes and portrait. Parallel to theoretical knowledge that was complemented with internet literature, I began to take to the streets to take pictures. There I discovered that life on the street happens very fast and that this made street photography the most difficult genre, but perhaps the most satisfactory of all the genres of photography, because with hard work and perseverance great things are achieved and unique. So, since I knew that you could take pictures on the street, I always go out with a camera, very rarely I go out without a camera. This has become a part of me, as an extension of the body, because through this I visualize the public life of a society. I’m interested in life. Capture unique and unrepeatable scenes. Scenes that for most people go unnoticed. I seek extraordinary things in the ordinary of life. For this, I must walk, observe, walk and walk again. I wander through the streets like a stray dog, without a fixed destination, only a constant curiosity of life assails me. My photographs have been published in the newspaper La Industria where I currently work as a photojournalist.