Brenot Vincent

Dé-clics. I see the photographic moment as a point of connection between the inside of the photographing subject (affects, cognitions, fantasies) and the outside (object of the photograph). It is, in a way, the materialization of a frontier zone, a creative limit state. I like scenes that invite me to dream or think. I also like the intense séduction exerted by the flash of colors, like an irruption.
I agree with the idea that photography is a powerful witness to societal change. I like to be shown accelerators of awareness, it is highly political and philosophical but it is a highly difficult gesture that I continue to admire.

Photographer: Brenot Vincent

Country: France

Bio: I was born in Franche-Comté, fertile territories in the history of photography (nicéphore Niépce) and cinema (the Lumière brothers). I think it excited my curiosity. I was able to travel as a young adult and I still think it opens the eyes. I am a carer of the “psyche”, I create a workshop of initiation to digital photography, it was a pretext to explore this border zone between the intimate and the external reality. As a socializing and contra-phobic act. I like the reflection and documentary work of Raymond Depardon.
Looking at street photography, you know that I founded @myspc.
I was especially “educated” by Instagram and its stimulating encounters. From links to links, from profiles to profiles, you deepen your sensitivity and your knowledge. Free to pursue you this discovery!
The shock for me was Garry Winogrand and the complex and moving story of Vivian Maier.