Valérie SIX

Shades of thoughts. Although made in different countries, the images of the series “Shades of thoughts” are linked by the same desire to use shadows and light to capture and accentuate – in the manner of the chiaroscuros of the seventeenth century – thoughts, emotions and unusual scenes, thus recreating a romanticized vision of the city…
Fleeting dramas or winks that balance halfway between fiction and reality.

Photographer: Valérie SIX

Country: France

Bio: I currently live in Bordeaux, France, where I moved recently after living in Paris.
I studied Chinese and worked for many years in Paris as a consultant for French creative companies looking for business opportunities in China. In 2014, after two years as an amateur photographer, I decided to take my first photography class at Ecole des Gobelins. This launched my new life as a photographer.