Jack Simpson’s ‘Streets’ is a collection of candid photography with a focus on juxtaposition, color and coincidence in public spaces. The urban landscape offers an immense well of poetic possibility and, with a camera in hand, it is where the photographer comes to feel most connected to his creative spirit. Jack has spent the past decade mining the avenues and alleyways for artful moments and snaring unique mixtures of color and light into frame for no other reason than to smile at it later, and forever.


Jack Simpson is based in Napa, California, but most of his street photography is created in the city of San Francisco. His first attempt at street photography was aimed at finding unique characters in the urban landscape, but after many confrontational instances his approach soon morphed into focusing less on people and more on compositions of unique light, shadow, juxtapositions, and color. Now he prefers working to achieve a more painterly vibe to his photos and, if people are featured, it is only to add an element of motion or moment to the composition; this allows him to eliminate the confrontational aspect of photographing strangers in public.
His next project involves a travel itinerary to photograph other parts of the world, preferring a less Westernized setting. He is drawn to the vibrant colors of India and Asia and looks forward to exploring it in the near future, when the Covid subsides and makes global travel easier.