Photos speak for themselves and Jason Guan, for his project “No One Was Ever There”, wants them to be the only self-explanatory central focus. It is therefore not necessary to provide any description of the series, except for this small clue: the common thread that connects the images is the search for faith, the arduous search for something above us, which, however, seems doomed to failure.


Jason Guan was born in LA, California but spent most of his childhood in China. In 2017 he moved to Vancouver, Canada and then soon picked up a camera thanks to his high school photography teacher Dean Long and his friend Emma. It started off as a hobby but after his father passed away in June 2019, it became the only thing that has been keeping him going forward. At some point he realized he’s always looking for something eerie, or something that seems a bit off in a normal scene in front of him. And more often he found these kind of photos look strong to him because they express his fear. It could be the fear of loss, and it could be the fear of love, or it could be a burning desire that’s hard for him to make it come true.
He is currently planning a book that will most likely be called No Fun. The title came from a joke between him and his friend Dylan about how, despite appearances, Vancouver is boring as a city. The book will be a reflection on his disillusions, and the various obstacles he frequently faced on his path.