Anonimus city. A look at the city from any point of reference, We observe it at our whim but we feel it anonymous, so alien to our movements… to our steps. People, subjects, buildings, elements and ornaments of the city, We can see it anonymous… if We want it.

Photographer: Javier Doberti

Country: Peru

Bio: I was born in Lima, Peru (May 1967), I was always interested in developing my visual instinct, initially not with photography everything I was making through mental travel. Not long ago I became involved in photography, officially it was in 2014, self-taught by nature, I soak in my own freedom to do something, to choose and to test my free will.
I participated in a collective exhibition in Lima in 2017, that same year, one of my photographs was chosen as one of the 50 best of the 2017 Sony Photography Awards in the category of street photography.