Lights and silhouettes in the city. In the urban landscape of the cities, the human silhouettes populate temporarily the public space.
Sometimes, the lightings sculpt short-lived paintings which freeze an instant in life and /or materialize the osmosis or the rejection of the human beings with their daily environment in the city.
These moments of visual balance are for me a graced moment that I want to share through street photography. Unearth the originality and the magical moments of everyday life can be used in a way to enrich and poetize our lives.

Photographer: Jean Pierre Baud

Country: France

Bio: I live in Nantes and have been doing occasionally photography since adolescence. After a career in Aquaculture Research, I am indulging mainly in photography since 2015.
I am particularly interested in street photography including the interactions between humans and/or animals and street furniture, advertising posters and the overall context of the city. In France and abroad, this practice enables me to better feel the diversity and the human particularisms and to try to get my emotions and my feelings across black and whites or color photographs which remain by nature unique.