«Fair Season» captures the photographer’s love affair with fairs. The images in this collection were shot at the Washington State Fair and the Evergreen State Fair, both in Washington State. The recognisable fair tableau becomes the canvas on which to capture interesting people and moments.
Although drawn to complex scenes with many moving parts, the author will stop to capture a quiet moment amid the bustle. Crowds and noise are energising elements for the people involved, and the rural themes of farming and livestock are worlds apart from the tech bubble where Jill Maguire worked for 25 years.
By exploring the same old territories, the photographer tries to experience the fair as a kid with a pocketful of cash and no parental supervision. Between Covid closures and Maguire’s recent cross-country move, Washington’s fairs are more distant than ever. However, «Fair Season» is a righteous reminder that what once was will always be again.


Jill Maguire is an American photographer, a retired technical writer and a member of the street collective iN-PUBLiC. She started her photography journey around 2008, primarily to photograph her dog, but he proved an uncooperative model.
After much experimentation, Maguire discovered that street photography was not only the hardest, but the most rewarding. It also gave her an excuse to explore nearby summer fairs and attractions, which are her favourite places to shoot because of good memories and food. She revisits them as often as she can to explore the fringes and study the patterns of light and activity throughout the day. She has great affection for these places and consider them important characters in her work.
Jill Maguire is now living in a coastal town in southern Maine, scouting new locations while waiting for the return of tourists and crowded events.