Imagens Fiéis. The photographer José Bassit traveled through seven Brazilian states between 1998 and 2003. This course resulted in a set of 101 images that show Brazilian religiosity with respect, if not with faith. Far from the commonplace of portraying festivals and popular demonstrations to find a country in its moments of praise, the book is a portrait of a people searching for their own face, their memory, and ancestry. Rituals of birth, life and death alternate at parties such as the pilgrimage of San Francisco das Chagas, in Canindé, Ceará; the Office of Darkness in the Holy Week of Saint John of the King, in Minas Gerais; or the trance in the sands of Iemanjá, in Praia Grande, in São Paulo. In black and white, images reinforce each look and play of shadows, equating, intuitively, with the intention of each character and each community.

COUNTRY | Brasil

BIO | José Bassit was born in 1957, in São Paulo City, SP-Brazil. He is a photographer since 1985 and has already had his works published in main Brazilian newspapers and magazines. In 2003 his book “Imagens Fiéis” (Casac&Naify Publishing house), about religion and faith of the Brazilian people was released. His work integrates collections of institutions like Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo and the São Paulo Museum of Art.