London is regularly grey and overcast which I was finding quite challenging when trying to compose pictures. I started looking for bold/bright colours to try and make my images more eye-catching. It’s always a bonus if there are some colour matches with the subject and other elements in the picture, in my opinion.

Photographer: Josh Edgoose

Country: England

Bio: I live in London with my wife and cat. I studied photography when I was a teenager but I didn’t really get on with the ‘structure’ of it, we had to shoot 5 rolls of black and white film a week and it became a bit of a chore, I also didn’t really know how to use a camera properly. I started a business a few years later and had to buy a DSLR to take product shots around different locations in London. I then found myself taking pictures of people and as a result ended up picking up some of the street photography books I had looked at whilst studying photography 10 years prior. I started traveling to New York regularly and came across Daniel Arnold’s work which made me realise if you spend enough time on the street just taking in everything, something interesting, funny or quite sad will come your way. I also really like walking, it’s very therapeutic. For me at least.