This is the contribution of Julia Coddington to the Little Box Collective submission. This series is from “The Pool Project” and is called “Pool Action”.
The project has been underway for four years and in this collection, she has included images that are more intimate and closer to the action – something that happens mostly during the summer months. The pool is alive in the summer. It is a place full of joy and happiness as people jump and dive into the pool and kids play on the edges and splash in the shallow water. As people go in and out of the pool their bodies drip with water and their skin shines in the summer sun. As they run and jump, their arms, limbs and hands are outstretched – and by capturing these moments full of life and joy she tries to capture the essence of this special place.


Julia Coddington is a street photographer from Australia. She is a member of the Little Box Collective and co-founder of the Unexposed Collective, an online platform featuring Australian women and non-binary street photographers.
She is also an administrator of @womeninstreet, a growing international community of women street photographers. Julia’s work has been exhibited internationally and she has been a finalist in international street photography competitions. She has exhibited her work in Australia and overseas and has been featured in street photography magazines and interviewed on several photography podcasts. Julia has judged a number of photography festival competitions, including Miami Street Photography Festival, Street Foto San Francisco and the Italian Street Photography Festival.
She has also curated several exhibitions, including the “Exposed” exhibition at the Head On Photo Festival in Sydney, the “Two Way Street” exhibition in San Francisco and more recently, the “Double Trouble” exhibition at Head On Photo Festival in May 2020.