Leisure (series) and single images. LEISURE: This ongoing series plays with photography being a trustworthy and truthful medium by creating some confusion about what is actually happening in the image, or why it is happening.
About all images: These are scenes I encounter in public space. My aim is not to show the subjects personalities or to comprehend the situation they interact in. It’s rather about exploring incomprehension, the fleeting gap between one thought and another.

Photographer: Julie Hrudova

Country: The Netherlands

Bio: Julie Hrudova (1988) was born in Prague but now lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Hrudova has worked with a variety of publications, including CBS News, The Guardian and VICE News. Her work has also been exhibited in numerous shows, on an international scale. In 2017 she won the EyeEm Award in the Street Photographer category. In 2018 the Leisure series was awarded with the third prize at the Italian Street Photography Festival.