What goes on in a relatively quiet and perhaps a little ‘unfashionable’ town on the South Coast of England? «Who loved this place» aims to represent a candid answer to this question. And it’s a quirky answer.
Although the photographer’s not sure if it’s the familiarity or number of times he walked the streets of the place, he rarely feels the need to travel further afield. Worthing, the town in question, has everything one could wish for in a small English seaside town. First, there does seem to be an endless set of characters that demand attention. Odd situations follow as they cross the residents’ path on a regular basis. As a result, Justin Sainsbury carefully reacts to them by bringing his camera along. In his photographs, one can find humour with a mix of pathos or a touch of ambiguity. More even, they have a degree of compassion or ‘kindly sorrow’ about them, and they generate questions about the circumstances or raise a nostalgic smile.
«Who loved this place» is a collection of pictures that the photographer is willing to take further, with a long term approach. One day, it’s going to reflect a combination of the town’s changing nature placed in the context of the author’s sensibilities.


Justin Sainsbury is a British photographer who has been taking photographs for the last 20 years. Although he spent a couple of years away from the scene, he has recently re-joined the photo collective “Burn My Eye”. At the moment, he is reacquainting with the group and photography as a whole.
For him, taking street photographs is about losing oneself in the present and the rare thrill of discovering to have pressed the shutter at just the right time. Alternatively, street may be about the empowering feeling of finding out that the picture turned out to be better than expected. Moreover, Justin Sainsbury is more comfortable taking a long term approach with his projects which develop with him over the years. Because of this, he’s happy to contribute to group shows where his pictures might slot nicely into a sequence or when he’s asked to add a particular something to a publication. The last was the book ‘100 Great Street Photographs’ by David Gibson.