«State of Mind» is a collection of photographs showing the author’s perspective and relationship with Street. He hunts for evocative images with a meditative feeling attached to them. The author aims to mirror his thoughts and feelings in the final picture coming out of his camera. He always allows a specific state of mind to be the source of his vision and creativity. As he speaks, to create good photography, you need to have a good understanding of yourself. See what works for you instead of what other people think will work for you. Listen to your heart and shoot with your soul. And even if you do not have a distinct photographic style, you can always find the right ingredients to make a photograph your own.


Karlo Flores is a photography hobbyist from Davao City, Philippines. On regular days, he is a health worker—a radiologic technologist to be exact. In fact, he takes Ct scan images of his patients for diagnostic purposes. He spends his free time doing things he enjoys like cycling and photography. It is his positive means of escape from the boredom of life that centres around routines, responsibilities, rules, and restraints.
His photography journey began when his friend lent Karlo Flores his point and shoot camera. He was fascinated by how he had the power to capture anything with superb sharpness and quality, compared to his—crappy, as he says—phone camera. He started taking photographs of things that interested him and showed them around. Such positive attention motivated him to pursue photography.
Karlo Flores’ artistic pursuit led him into taking candid photos of people in the streets. It is in this activity that he devotes most of his time. He cannot remember how he got seriously indulged in this genre—all he knows is that excitement arises while looking for candid moments. There is always this feeling of inner-tranquillity of just wandering around the city and taking snaps of strangers. It is the thrill of hunting and capturing the marvels of daily life, even the most subtle moments that most people fail to notice.