I don’t belong here. Growing up in the nineties, I was always drawn to Thom Yorke’s moving outcry ‘What the hell am I doing here’? – and I still am. I’m quite sure that this perfectly rendered feeling of angst is not only powerful to me but that it resonates with a whole generation and even transcends it.
After taking photos for a few years, I’ve noticed that this disconnect is probably the most recurring theme in my photography. The sheer irony of it: we are living in an age when connecting with other people is just one mouse click away and almost everything we want to know is at our digital feet. Meanwhile, studies show that people are lonelier than ever and our world has become so complex that many people just tag along, frustrated and powerless.
In my photos, I aim to visualize this feeling of alienation, a disturbance in our attachment to other people, our surroundings or even ourselves. Apart from the feeling itself, what intrigues me is how we deal with this existential crisis. After all, it is our ability to adapt that has made us into the dominant species of the planet.

COUNTRY | Belgium

BIO | Kristof Vande Velde is an independent photographer and a social studies teacher from Ghent, Belgium. He discovered photography five years ago and hasn’t stopped shooting ever since.