«The Everyday Hustle» is a series taken over the course of one year in the streets of Singapore and India, the photographer’s homeland.
He regards street photography as a sport, and whether you either win or lose, you always have to stay active. That “everyday hustle” is what you need to remain in motion, to get the right picture you have in mind with a specific alignment or angle. When the moment is right, all you have to do is act as if your life depends on your next move. If it comes to it, get up and stop the morning traffic, just so that you can take a picture of some ordinary subject against the usual background. It is a continuous game of hide and seek while chasing the perfect photograph. There is a lot of waiting involved while working for the right alignment and composition. And sometimes, you hunt it to find out it is lost. As the author says—although he seldom wins, he loves to wake up to this particular game every day.


Kushal Tikle is an Indian concept artist, working with visual development on films, games and illustrations. His daily activities combine a passion for art, technology and storytelling. His street photography journey started in May 2017 when he went to Melbourne, Australia, for a solo trip. Here, his passport got stolen on the second day of travelling. This unfortunate occasion gave him the time to focus on the city, where his camera became his trusted companion. He spent a fortnight on the streets of Melbourne, and when he got back to Singapore, he decided to keep on developing this new interest by joining a street photography group. He shoots mainly with his smartphone because, as he says, doing so it is easier to hide in plain sight.
He draws a lot of parallels between concept art and street photography. They share crucial principles in composition, light and shape. As a concept artist, he finds street photography useful as a learning tool, while keeping you observant of your surroundings. In the future, he is planning to develop a series that centres around sport and its endless possibilities.