Layna Fernández


«Destino La Habana» is a series that wants to show the photographer’s view of Cuba with full admiration and respect. The captured stories are those candidly found thriving on its streets. Sometimes they are bright and swarming, and other times they are more decadent and dissolute. Nonetheless, what they all have in common is that they show people able to adapt to the day-to-day existence, living their life at their own terms and making the best of their reality.
In these pictures there are dreams of progress which are tied together by a constant smile. Without a doubt, the photographer finds it to be the core of the identity of the Cuban people. The following photographs are an excerpt from the broader project «Destino La Habana» developed in several years of travelling, that soon will be published in a book designed by Rafael Torres and Layna Fernández.


Layna Fernández is a Spanish street photographer born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Her photography focuses on people and on the colourful life she finds on the street. As she tells, she is passionate about travelling to other countries, because this is a powerful tool both to discover the world, as well as to get to know different cultures and customs. She intends to reflect the discoveries of her journeys in her photographs, and she aims to show to viewers places and experiences they could never live, nor witness. She also wishes for her pictures to validate and give visibility to specific situations which we often fail to observe. All of us detain privileges in this world, and it is our social responsibility to take such matter into our hands, and to try everything to become aware and change what we can.