The circus is a world sufficient unto itself. Suspended in its elusive and eclectic universe, it unfolds with unpredictable declinations of colours, shapes, sounds and smells. The circus can baffle you, as it is the place where appearance is designed to fool the casual bystander.
As the author describes it, «Circus» represents the stolen instants from an ever-changing scenario that does not search for outsiders’ approval. Every person, animal or props resembles the opposite of its actual essence. As a consequence, the whole narrative feels strained, always poised between dreams and reality. Ranalletta’s series is a compelling visual tale showcasing an enclosed land, with rules and customs not to be transgressed.
«Circus» is only an excerpt of a broader work that involves an autistic girl living and working at a travelling circus. The project ended with the publication of all the collected photographs.


Liliana Ranalletta is an Italian photographer and teacher of Modern Literature based in Rome, Italy. Before approaching street, she explored several genres of photography, and her passion for nature pushed her towards macro photography. By focusing on details only, she improved her observation skills and started applying them to taking photographs of people.
People are an endless source of inspiration for Liliana. She loves travelling abroad and soon realised every corner of the world has a specific taste. When viewed through the lens, everyday life and human behaviour are worth exploring. Her camera became her inseparable mate, and she claims she could never live without it. Today, photography is representing the urgency of making new encounters and investigating reality. The ability to see the outcome of an image in advance is the key to obtain relevant photographs.
Liliana Ranalletta has been a finalist in several photography fairs, and her photography work has been exhibited worldwide.